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Australian State of Origin

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eidsvold Wed 25-Jun-03 21:54:11

At risk of offending more southerly and westerly aussies - what about that dreadful State of Origin result - can you tell that I am a very sad disappointed Cane Toad!!! Dh ( English) was convinced by yours truly to buy a maroon shirt - well he is about to parcel it up and send it back for a refund.

I managed to see a bit of the game this afternoon on SKY - I almost cried when I saw the score.

Perhaps we can save face and win the last game. C'mon - give me your best gloating or commiserations....

Ghosty Wed 25-Jun-03 21:58:00

Oh eidsvold ... I so wanted to post about last weeks England/Australia game but I didn't as I didn't think there would be any rugby fans out there!
Anyway ... didn't watch last nights State of Origin game although DH did. We are not Aussies (Brits in NZ) but we love rugby ... and I am getting more into league now too....
Sorry that you had a disappointing result though!!

eidsvold Wed 25-Jun-03 22:16:13

oh no - don't mention Rugby Union - Dh was listening to it on the radion in the garden and then racing inside to check out tense moments via Sky ( me - I am madly trying to mark year 9 ENglish SATS papers). He then proceeded to inform me of the outcome -

you got your a**** kicked there babe - gee thanks!!!! I even got text messages from his friends rubbing it in - along with an old colleague of mine calling me to say oh dear. I told him to enjoy it the World Cup is not over yet!!!!

Luckily we get the odd bit on SKY every now and then - League and Aussie Rules ( not an aussie rules fan) but not the same as being there at a game!!!(esp. State of Origin)

Lennie Thu 26-Jun-03 21:30:56

Is it true that Russell Crowe did the commentary for Channel 9? I haven't seen any of it.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 21:50:58

I heard a bit of the commentary but I really don't think it was him - can check out for you. I do know he was there to cheer on the Blues *boo Hiss* cockroach!!

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 21:58:46

apparently it was pre recorded and very little if any was played particularly at the game. It seems viewers may have heard a little more - ( in terms of seconds of tape)

Holly02 Thu 26-Jun-03 23:11:31

Lennie & eidsvold, Russ was being interviewed in the stadium at around half-time (it actually looked like he was in the dressing rooms!!). He was just kind of joking around with the interviewer but not saying anything deep & meaningful, IYKWIM. I couldn't bear to watch all of the game due to the WOEFUL Queensland result, but he may have done some of the commentary too, I don't know. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was there too, although I have no idea why.

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