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post bosom syndrome

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SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:21:30

I'm not sure why I'm posting about this, but I am in mourning for my boobs.

15 months of breastfeeding and excessive weight loss have taken their toll and none of my bras fit any more. I thought it might just be my weight, but I've put most of it back on now (I think)and still they're not there.dh asked where his big breasted girlfriend had gone. I told him I'd have to get preg again (which shut him up).

sigh. anyone else? how do you cope?

ediemay Thu 21-Jul-05 22:24:50

Don't throw those bras out, mine did this and then filled out again! I fed for 13 months and like you lost a lot of weight, they were like 2 fried eggs on a plate! After another 6 or 7 months they were back.

Satine Thu 21-Jul-05 22:25:24

I'm the same - after breastfeeding two hungry babies, mine are the Kate Moss of the boob world, as opposed to the Sophie Dahls they once were.

marthamoo Thu 21-Jul-05 22:26:27

When did you stop bf-ing? Mine were pretty dire when I stopped bf-ing ds2, and they're still not what they were <<<sigh>>> but they are a lot better than immediately after stopping breast feeding, when they resembled envelope flaps. They will never be perky again, but at least they don't seem 'empty' any more. As you have put the lost weight back on that will help - when I went down to 8.5 stone (far too skinny for my height) after having ds1 my boobs virtually disappeared, and I'm pretty well blessed.

Why do I keep talking about my boobs on MN tonight?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:26:54

ediemay - that's great! dh will be pleased.

can't bring myself to be measured but I'm guessing I've gone from a d to a b.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:28:35

mm - I don't think I have put all the weight back on - only some. but I did only give up bfing in april.

can't quite get used to only having a slightly wobbly bottom either.

ediemay Thu 21-Jul-05 22:31:18

at the bottom. I was amazed by having a flat stomach for the first (& last) time ever. Take a trip to La Senza - I was trying to buy bras the other day and theirs all looked like strap-on instant chests!

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:34:28

sounds a bit posh. I'm normally an m&s gal.

ediemay Thu 21-Jul-05 22:35:08

ah but they had a big sale on. I'm usually Debenhams own brand!

snafu Thu 21-Jul-05 22:36:28

Mine are pathetic. I stopped bfing about 10 months ago. And I've put weight on - it's the very worst of all possible worlds!

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:36:44

god sorry everyone, listen to me moaning about being too thin.

I just don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:37:36


still, I'm using it as an excuse to stop shaving my legs.

marthamoo Thu 21-Jul-05 22:38:43

You cannot be too rich or too thin.

Though if you are not rich it's best not to get too thin because then you can't afford new clothes and your jeans wil fall down.

snafu Thu 21-Jul-05 22:41:07

Honestly, I used to be known as pinky & perky in my younger days (I had some very unreconstructed friends ), now it's more like, I dunno, steptoe and son?

Ahem, maybe not...

snafu Thu 21-Jul-05 22:45:22

Oh, pleeeease don't let me have killed this thread on that note <<begs>>

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:51:21

mm and snafu - rofl!

I'm going to get that saying made up as a car sticker.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 21-Jul-05 22:51:56

the one about being too thin, that is, not pinky and perky

marthamoo Thu 21-Jul-05 23:14:02

Wow, I'd love to be responsible for a car sticker - I'd be be a genuine 21st century philosopher then.

spacecadet Thu 21-Jul-05 23:20:18

i breastfed all my four and mt boobs now sadly resemblehalf deflated ballons.

monkeytrousers Fri 22-Jul-05 19:41:41

My ds has started feeeding out of the left on eonly. Gonna have one empty envelope and one bubble wrapped!

Nightynight Fri 22-Jul-05 20:05:19

buy a pushup and cram them into it! gives you the illusion theyre back...

nooka Fri 22-Jul-05 20:44:54

I really miss my breasts. They've never been big - a "B" cup was always stretching it really, but I was really very happy with them. I had my two quite close, didn't breast feed for very long (6 and 3 months) but they swelled up like balloons when I was weaning and they've never recovered. Took up weight training and cycling last year which further diminished them. I just hate the way they disappear when I lie down. I've even thought about surgery!

dinny Fri 22-Jul-05 20:50:37

when do boobs go smaller, when you stop bfing totally? ds nearly 11 months and mine are still much bigger and often looks like I have had boob job....

nooka Fri 22-Jul-05 20:55:17

They don't always. My sister is bigger than before (her second is 2 1/2 and she stopped bf at least a year ago)

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