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stooooopid me!!!

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stacijc Thu 21-Jul-05 17:26:23

I just watched mums the word on discovery...didn't realise b4 that that and this site were linked duuurrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! lol!!!

(someone mentioned this site onnetmums thats how i got here)

btw the one i watched was EXACTLY my 2 boys lol!! one potty training horror and one grizzly horror so thanks 4 tips!!!

flamesparrow Thu 21-Jul-05 17:26:55


stacijc Thu 21-Jul-05 17:28:20


flamesparrow Thu 21-Jul-05 17:28:31

flamesparrow Thu 21-Jul-05 17:29:00

You do realise we now look like morons - just saying eachother's names at eachother!!!

stacijc Thu 21-Jul-05 17:29:28

of all the sites in all the world we met here lol!!!!

trust me to be the thick one pmsl!!!!

flamesparrow Thu 21-Jul-05 17:37:22

Always feel a bit like a traitor on here, but there are more people for instant chat

stacijc Thu 21-Jul-05 18:00:47

i didn't post til i knew u knew i joined
lol...hows that for loyalty!!!!

flamesparrow Thu 21-Jul-05 18:01:29


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