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what do u do about eating when you are not hungry????

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Nemo1977 Thu 21-Jul-05 12:16:17

hi all
Dh has been having a go at me lately because I just dont seem to be getting hungry. I am 19wks pregnant but over past few weeks my eating habits have become less and less. I am a larger lady anyway and did used to comfort eat. However at the minute I am just not eating properly at all, I have been feeling under a lot of stress etc so is that why? Do I force myself to eat or do I just carry on not eating. I dont drink a lot either so i dont know what to do. Is dh right to be having a moan about it?

Chuffed Thu 21-Jul-05 12:28:21

He is probably just worried about you.
Try at least getting something into you 3x a day. Maybe keep a food diary and write down what you do eat it may surprise you both.
What about fruit as at least that gives you some liquid as it is important to clean out your kidneys etc when pregnant so water is important.
I was losing a bit of weight last pregnancy in the first 5 months and the midwife said that the baby just takes what they need like a parasite but I would emphasise the need for not letting yourself get dehydrated. I did this at 23wks and ended up in hospital with an 'irritable uterus' and on a drip to stop the contractions.

MarsLady Thu 21-Jul-05 12:30:33

Yes he's right to moan, but not too much.

You need to drink! It's good for both you and the babe. The baby will be fine because all "his" needs will be met by your body. However, if you do not put the correct fuels into yourself..... that's not good for you. If you're ill that doesn't help the babe at all does it.

So, why not little meals regularly? I couldn't eat during my last pregnancy (mostly cos I get bringing it all back...TMI I'm sure), however I did try to eat little bits when I could.

Nemo1977 Thu 21-Jul-05 12:30:43

thanks chuffed
last thing i want to do is harm the baby in anyway. I have just been trying to think about what i have eaten past 2 days and to be honest DH is right i have hardly had anything.

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