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does anyone have a pattern for a moses basket cover

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Gini Wed 25-Jun-03 16:07:53

well, the above says it all really, I want to jazz up my moses basket as it is covered in satin stuff that is not my cup of tea.

SoupDragon Wed 25-Jun-03 16:11:35

Can't you take the satin stuff off, unpick it and use that as the pattern?

Gini Wed 25-Jun-03 16:13:58

mmmmm - hadn't thought of that - trouble is that I am not really that good at things like this (trying to teach myself!!) and the satin is better than nothing, which is what I could end up with!

eidsvold Wed 25-Jun-03 21:46:08

That would be so easy to do.. just get yourself an unpicker and way you go. Then lay the top over your fabric and cut around it. It would be wasy - strip for the side and then oval for hte bottom.

SoupDragon Thu 26-Jun-03 08:24:13

I agree

Have a good look at the cover before taking it apart to work out how it fits together - make a sketch of it. It should be, as Eidsvold says, an oval for the base of the basket, a strip that goes round the inside sides and a looser, gathered bit that drapes over the outside sides. There may be some elsatic in there somewhere to hold it snugly on the basket.

Tell you what, if you're in the UK and you have a complete disaster, I'll sort it out for you! (see how confident I am that you'll manage it?! )

Gini Thu 26-Jun-03 11:07:55

Right, I am in the UK and I will hold you to that! Where do I get an unpicker from?

princesspeahead Thu 26-Jun-03 11:18:13

john lewis, only place to buy any haberdashery/sewing stuff these days.

official name is quickunpick.

very useful for sawing off other people's nametapes on second hand school uniform as well..!

hurrah for soupy I thought I was the only one who sewed anything these days

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 13:42:39

even cheaper and perhaps easier than JohnLewis ( only cause none close to us) - somewhere like tesco/woolworths I think I got my quikunpicker from
I am waiting to get some money together to buy a second hand sewing machine ( good one is back in Aus - not prepared to bring it to UK to then take it back to Aus) I have some brilliant patterns for clothes to sew for dd and myself!! Can't wait.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 13:44:11

I fyou get really stuck - I could prbably draft a rough pattern from my moses basket for you.... it really is so easy - you will be able to do it no worries.

Gini Thu 26-Jun-03 14:03:14

thanks everyone, will pop down to woolies this afternoon... Watch this space

Twink Fri 27-Jun-03 14:46:27

Might be too late by now but I've got a pattern which you're welcome to have.

AliP Mon 30-Jun-03 14:01:31

I had a similar issue and i did as the ladies above suggested even though I'm not the most cometant sewer in the world and it looks OK and wasn't too hard - it took me a weekend to do the baskety bit and I have to admit that i have not got round to doing the hoody thing.
I did get a set of instructions from a web search from one of the home type TV programmes - I can't find it at thh moment but it did make it more complicated than using a big piece of paper and copying the shape of the material i took off. I also changed any complicated bits like fold over flaps to openings and it looks great.

Good luck.

spikeycat Tue 02-Sep-03 10:48:40

I have the same prblem as this - I have followed the advice here and have unpicked the cover and now don't know how to do the rest - HELP!!

Twink, can I have a copy of your pattern, it may be easier?

SoupDragon Tue 02-Sep-03 11:27:48

Firstly, do you remember what all the pieces are and where they went?? Try to make a note/sketch so you don't forget. Then you pin the pieces onto your new fabric and cut them out and "simply" sew them together.

I imagine there will probably be some gathering as the base of the basket is narrower than the top. When you pin the side piece(s) round the base, pin it at the top, bottom and them midway between (ie 12 o clock, 3, 6 and 9). The pin it midway between these points etc etc. It helps to get the wider fabric gathered evenly round the base.

Does this make sense?? Probably not!

Twink Tue 02-Sep-03 11:29:07

Sure Spikeycat, email me your details and I'll stick it in the post to you.

rainbow Tue 02-Sep-03 11:35:52

Don't know if they still sell it but Allders had a pattern about 18 months ago and it was dead easy to do!!

Mum2Ela Mon 10-May-04 14:08:18

Coming back to this, does anyone have a pattern I could have (to give to a local seamstress!) which doesn't have the frilly bit going down the side of the basket IYKWIM?

ps. did anyone manage to do their own cover?



corinnekay Sun 06-Feb-05 16:58:20

Do you think you could let me have the instructions for making the Moses basket cover etc?
Many thenka

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