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curtain fabric - any ideas

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Hughsie Wed 25-Jun-03 12:55:24

With the extension nearly complete on my house I am now looking for inspiration for curtains. ds1 has 'vinney' design which is a lovely bright checked/square blocks of colour. i want something similar for ds2 i.e. not too babyish - maybe stripes or spots instead. Strugglng to find a reasonably (no more that £10 metre) priced one

Any ideas?

SamboM Wed 25-Jun-03 13:39:15

Hi Hughsie, I am moving soon and I was going to go to Southall or somewhere else with lots of Indian shops and get some fabric there. It's usually v cheap and you can get lovely designs like elephants, tree of life etc, some with little mirrors.

Cha Wed 25-Jun-03 14:52:46

If you can get into London or another big city, check out John Lewis / Peter Jones department stores. They do have really pricey designer stuff but also Ok prices too. And loads of choice, plus all the other gubbins you have to buy to go with it (curtain hooks, rings etc etc). Mind you, the Asian market sounds good too... and probably a lot cheaper.

tamum Wed 25-Jun-03 15:37:20

You could have a browse round here
It's quite cheap, but you have to allow for the p+p costs being quite high. Might give you some ideas though!

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