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The ' I managed 10 situps with a child sat on my legs' club!

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lilibet Wed 25-Jun-03 08:11:03

I was a bit inspired by the other sit up clubs that I thought I would try and join! aarrgghh! Can't beleive how unfit I have got and my poor stomach muscles think that they have died and gone to hell. Then again a stomach like a partially set jelly takes some getting. I will try again tomorrow!

SoupDragon Wed 25-Jun-03 08:21:14

I'm meant to be doing sit ups in order to create better support for my back. Surely I can manage 10...

M2T Wed 25-Jun-03 09:21:13

Now THIS is more like it! I'm joining too.....

But wont be able to do my Situps until tonight coz I'm at work just now.

ThomCat Wed 25-Jun-03 10:02:42

Sit ups with baby on lap - hmmmm, think I might try that, keep fit whilst entertaining child, at least it'll make us both laugh. Just saw a clip of the video footage while we were on holiday - OMG
I bought a workout video, the one by klie's choregrapher, knowing that I'll never get to a gym, and it's still in the packaging!
I sat on DH's feet while he did sit ups and we laughed so hard that we just gave up and opened a bottle of wine!

lilibet Wed 25-Jun-03 12:08:34

the child was 10! i would send a baby flying!! I have workout videos, and a step and gym membership and a tummy like half set jelly and thighs that if they set off wobbling would register on the richter scale. I also don't look in mirrors if I am in anything like a state of undress. May do another 10 tonight.

lou33 Wed 25-Jun-03 12:26:09

Ds2 often insists on lying on top of me while I am doing my sit ups .

lilibet Wed 25-Jun-03 12:29:54

As long as its not dh!

lou33 Wed 25-Jun-03 16:13:57

Ooer missus!

steppemum Thu 26-Jun-03 04:41:58

it's funny how often I find posts onmumsnet about things that have just happened to me...I'm beginning to think you lot are following me around! I just did my situps with ds on my tummy, he thought it was a real scream, laughed hysterically throughout, I'm just hoping he wasn't laughing because my jelly belly wobbled so much underneath him....

lilibet Thu 26-Jun-03 12:04:09

but how many did you manage?

M2T Fri 27-Jun-03 16:00:35

...just off to do them now.... but without a child on my legs. Does that still count?

DONE... and I managed 20!

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