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What do I buy for a 60th birthday - work colleague?

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katierocket Wed 20-Jul-05 17:45:09

lovely man, but he is a bit 'the man who has everything'. I'm stumped. Suggestions?

jolou1 Wed 20-Jul-05 17:47:25

Have a look in the BBC shop (You can access via Lots of talking books, nice books linked to tv series etc. Very useful.

lemonice Wed 20-Jul-05 18:01:31

if he reads then the Penguin Book mugs (reproductions of the original book covers) are popular with all age groups (I've recommended them on here before!!!)and yes I do have a vested interest...

Miaou Wed 20-Jul-05 18:06:17

Was going to suggest some nice earrings then realised it was a man....

Can't think of any sensible suggestions now!

katierocket Thu 21-Jul-05 08:51:04

like the idea of the talking books jolou. Lemonice, good idea but I think he a bit posh for that(in a nice way). It's hard enough buying presents for men in the first place let alone older ones who aren't related to you.

csa Thu 21-Jul-05 12:25:38

a nice bottle of port?

dollyeyes Thu 21-Jul-05 12:30:32

Book token?

DaddyCool Thu 21-Jul-05 12:59:09


GhostofNatt Thu 21-Jul-05 13:00:33

theatre tokens?

motherinferior Thu 21-Jul-05 13:02:11


WideWebWitch Thu 21-Jul-05 13:03:08

Yeah, can't go wrong with Champagne.

katierocket Thu 21-Jul-05 13:06:00

he's a bit of a wine conisseur (sp?) but I think you're right champagne always goes down well. I also like the book token idea.

DaddyCool Thu 21-Jul-05 14:22:32

is he into whiskey?? because i can't point you in the direction of a perfect present if he is. a top notch single malt that can't be bought in the shops, about £35 with delivery and guaranteed to make a single malt fan's eye's bulge out of head when he opens it.

DaddyCool Thu 21-Jul-05 14:22:48

i can even lol.

katierocket Thu 21-Jul-05 14:47:53

yes daddycool that would be really useful

DaddyCool Thu 21-Jul-05 14:54:16

ok here it is. the whiskey in question is 'Edradour' featured right on the initial home page in the middle. (29.99 but i think delivery is about £5 or £6)

you can't get this bad boy in the shops so it's a really good gift for a scotch fan. feel free to purchase me one out of the kindness of your heart. call it an early birthday present from you to me

katierocket Thu 21-Jul-05 14:55:52

it's good then is it? I know bugger all about whiskey

DaddyCool Thu 21-Jul-05 14:57:56

it's very exclusive.

BareFootAngel Thu 21-Jul-05 15:51:01

or theres always a case of nice treats toffee waffles!![lol]jams wine etc [sneakerly find out what his favs are]

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