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Help!!!!!!!!!! mum of 1yr old scared how she'll cope with 2

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CherryEm1 Wed 20-Jul-05 17:19:13

my first pregnancy wasn't planned but worked out really well. Had gorgeous baby girl and married her lovely dad. found out i was expecting againafter our first month trying. Really didnt expect it to happen right away so now need tips on Surviving all stages of pregnancy with boisterous 1+yr old. How to prevent her feeling left out or neglected when 2nd comes along (she'll only be 20months). What do i need to buy? and is there such a thing as a tandem buggy that can be used with a travel system? All help welcome

Tommy Wed 20-Jul-05 17:50:34

DS1 was 20 m when DS2 came along - you'll manage It's all a bit mad at first but DS2 is nearly 2 now and they play together really well and obviously adore each other
Just get a double buggy that lies flat for baby
Good luck

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