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Come on over! We're having a party!

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KBear Wed 20-Jul-05 16:07:52

We've been invited to BIL's birthday celebrations at the weekend.

SIL called "not doing food, just "nibbly bits", and not getting any booze in either".

This is after she asked us to chip in towards his present that she couldn't afford to buy him.

Can't wait.

BareFootAngel Wed 20-Jul-05 16:09:23

i was going to make a sarky comment about you have anice time then i thought ..are they short of money maybe everybody could offer to take something ,,

Kayleigh Wed 20-Jul-05 16:10:32

Wow, what a generous hostess. I assume you'll be clearing up after too !

KBear Wed 20-Jul-05 16:18:37

They way it is is this.....

they are on pretty much the same budget as us, we've all got mortgages, they're always at the malls shopping, he's got a motorbike, they're always eating out. Money is not the issue here.

The fact is she's lazy. She will happily turn up at mine when I invite them over - empty-handed, not even a bottle of wine - eat everything I provide and leave without so much as taking her glass in from the garden.

I offered to help months back if she was having a bash for his birthday. She just can't be bothered. I'd be embarrassed.

DH doesn't want to go and it's his brother. Why invite people if you don't want to be a hostess? And I don't mean a la carte - burgers onthe BBQ and salads are cheap.

BareFootAngel Wed 20-Jul-05 16:19:53

oh in that case HAVE FUN!! lol

KBear Wed 20-Jul-05 16:20:18

Ooh I sound like a right bitch but obviously you don't know the history here and I do so I know I'm not ha ha ha

But to ring and invite someone but say by the way, no food and no drinks.... um????

Easy Wed 20-Jul-05 16:20:24

In your shoes I'd give it a miss I think.

KBear Wed 20-Jul-05 16:21:08

Sorry, meant to invite you all too, anyone want to come???

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