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What do you do in the evenings/weekends? Or how to improve your quality of life....

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lunavix Wed 20-Jul-05 13:34:26

Quite frankly I'm sick of staring at the TV every evening, and waking up on the weekend and looking at dh and we're stumped for what to do.

Our quality of life does seem impaired because of this. What do you do in the evenings? Every evening? And what do you do on the weekends?

We wake up generally at 7.30 (we both seem to need a lot of sleep) then dh races to work for 8, and I speedily dress ds and myself for 8. We both work till 5, when dinner is generaly on the table. 6 o clock and simpsons is put on, then hollyoaks, then dh has a bath with ds (and I tidy away) then a bit more tv and ds goes to bed at 8 (don't get me wrong we play with ds then, but the tv is on, and it's just toys not major activities.)
Then it's tv on for the rest of the night. One of us is generally using the PC at the same time (dh for uni work, or me for our accounts/MN) or two nights a week I'm cleaning the house.

Dh is starting to play football wednesday evenings soon (and unknown to him I intend to take ds every week - will get us out the house!!!) In september I'll be doing a course one evening a week hopefully.

But that's it. And it's the same on the weekends, we spend saturday shopping which we can't afford, and sundays at the PILs. We have occassionally gone to the park or for a picnic, but there isn't a lot around here to do. Weekends we like to be OUT of the house - I work from home and if I spend all weekend in the house/garden I go a bit stir crazy.

Dh takes ds swimming one lunch time a week, but we're thinking of doing that at a different time, but I don't think evenings are suitable...

How can I improve all this? How do you fill your weekends with fun activities and how do you make your evenings more interesting?? We don't have much disposable income so anything too expensive is not really an option.. but suggest it anyways!
I've been thinking hobbies (tried knitting!) but haven't come up with much I'm good at. I'd love to try gardening but we're moving soon so not the best option in a rented house...

Sorry if this is a rant!

oliveoil Wed 20-Jul-05 13:37:35

are you me?

<squats on luna's thread to steal ideas>

lunavix Wed 20-Jul-05 13:39:13

not just me then

DH and I seem to need so much sleep too.. we usually are in bed about ten, and get up at 7.30!!! Granted we have a baby that gets us up a few times a night, but not a huge amount. I'm sure the reason we sleep this much is due to a lack of what to do....

TracyK Wed 20-Jul-05 13:40:07

Sounds much more active than my life! Poor ds gets swmming maybe once every couple of weeks! I have been trying to make the effort recently to go to bigger swing parks for ds to play with others - as our village one is always empty.
Re gardening - why not plant up some pots or indoor plants -then you ca take tem with you.
Cookery courses?
Do you know your new house - could you be planning the interiors or the garden for there?

oliveoil Wed 20-Jul-05 13:41:49

My excuse is 2 babies in two years (11 months and 2.9 now) so am permanently tired. But is getting easier so need to start doing more.

lunavix Wed 20-Jul-05 13:43:49

Tracy - I've got days pretty sorted! Dh has swimming lessons once a week with ds which they love, and I do monkey music with ds, although I would love to do gymboree when we move.... Shouldn't be a factor for picking an area but it is

I don't really want to do any more courses because I don't know how much time this one will take up if I get on it, if I don't then a 'fun' one might be a good idea.

We don't even know where we are moving - it's all to do with dh's graduate job - so house planning isn't really an option either!

charliecat Wed 20-Jul-05 13:44:20

When fed up of the dinner /pc/ tv rouutine we go out for a bike ride which if nothing else means we are too knackered to moan about whats on tv
Or I potter in the garden. Hmmm..need a life!

TracyK Wed 20-Jul-05 13:46:04

de cluttering?
cake baking?
reminds me - I'm off to make some GI diet muffings before ds wakes up)

Fran1 Wed 20-Jul-05 13:46:54

I know what you mean, we get stuck in a rut sometimes.

But some of the things we do, visit local farms, go to the beach. Take a ball and picnic to big park and have a kickaround, plan to take a kite along next time!
Look on your local councils website for places to go, and make a rule that say once a month you visit one of those places. We made this rule for ourselves a few weeks ago as a way to get us out and also see whats around our area. So far we have only made it to a local castle, but it was a lovely day with a picnic in the grounds and we will be planning our next trip soon!

I enjoy gardening - you could get into planting containers that can be moved with you.

I go through phases of enjoying cross stitch and that takes up all my evening when i have a sampler i'm working on.
I also enjoy writing - with dreams that one day one of the books i write will make me millions .

Sounds like i'm busy - but i'm not really. There are still many an evening when i'm snoring in front of the tv!

sharklet Wed 20-Jul-05 13:48:39

We try to keep ourselves pretty busy. We get sick of sitting in front of the TV too and only do it once in a while.

We bought our selves a nice hammock and often sit in the garden sipping Pimms or something else nice when DD is in bed. Also we have got very into gardening and growing vegetables, so that gives us plenty to do together.

Other than that I do pilates once a week in the village and we try to invite friends over for food / hanging out at ours which is always good.

Last week we bought a bike for me and a bike seat for DD so we can go on some picnics and the like on weekends. And when we're stuck for what to do that will be our plan.

Hope you come up with some stuff to suit you.

Emma xxx

Gomez Wed 20-Jul-05 13:48:44

Parks, walks, beaches, local art centres, library, cinema, childrens theatre, baking/cooking, 'treasure hunts', visting friends, museums, exhibitions. Get some furniture to renovate, car boot sales, auctions, country parks, zoos, childrens farms, kite flying, day trip on the train, overnight at a cheap B & B...

lunavix Wed 20-Jul-05 13:53:25

OOh thank you all!

I'm trying to cut down on reading (crazy as that sounds) as I suffer bad hayfever and concentrating on a book seems to be giving me migraines..

Boot sales and cinema etc are a nice idea but we're trying to cull on spending plus ds is too young (15 months) for the cinema...

Can't ride a bike and that, swimming and driving are on my to-learn list (sadly that's a long list) but that would be something lovely to do.. hmm...

Gardening may be a good idea in this hot weather too.. might need to fill a weekend down the local nursery!!!

A fitness class could be good too.. will need to look at local centre. My friends go to one on a tuesday but its a 6 mile round walk for me..

Bramshott Wed 20-Jul-05 14:05:02

In the week we are mostly slumped in front of the TV too!! But weekends, no shopping as DD hates it we are mostly out walking as it's fun and free. Have also joined the National Trust (although always thought that was for the over-60s) and if we don't have anything else planned we go to a National Trust place.

I know what you mean though - sometimes there's too much TV, but then when you're tired . . . We have DVDs from LoveFilm which at least means we're not at the mercy of whatever's on.

TracyK Wed 20-Jul-05 14:10:26

How about getting a book out on accupressure and get dh to give you a indian head massage or something for hayfever?

lunavix Wed 20-Jul-05 14:29:09

maybe yes..

I'm a real fan of routines, I organise our days down to the last hour, then it all goes arse up in the evenings. I'd love to have a plan for every day, I jsut have no ideas... sigh. Some great suggestions here, though, so thanks. Any more, please keep them coming.

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 20-Jul-05 18:56:33

Lunavix I was feeling the same as you so a few months ago we banished our TV to the study.

I now have time for walking on the beach with the family and dog, I go to a family drama group and also take dd to a nature club. I spend a lot of my evening studying but I also garden, sew and make cards and am currently teaching myself how to knit. I used to goto sewing classes but had to drop them when studying took over. All this time freed up by getting rid of the telly.

Weeekends are mainly spent walking in the Lakes or surrounding areas. I go mad if we don't get out and blow away the cobwebs.

MarsLady Wed 20-Jul-05 19:01:59

I salsa, I go to bookgroup, I visit friends.

What's great about salsa is that no one drinks (or very few do), we all drink tap water, cos we need to stay steady on our feet.

Bookgroup costs nothing, you can get the book from the library (sorry SG I've just remembered that I owe you a list).

Visiting friends only costs about a fiver (for the bottle of wine).

Then of course there's having friends over for supper and they provide the wine. hth

TracyK Wed 20-Jul-05 19:10:05

what about getting a puppy??

WideWebWitch Wed 20-Jul-05 19:12:38

we watch films quite often (dp records loads or you could get a dvd rental deal quite cheaply)
or we have a proper dinnner together after the children have gone to bed and talk, properly
we read, separately - libraries are free if you like reading, oh just seen you can't, oh well!
I catch up with friends, I can easily spend 1.5 hours on the phone so that's most of the evening gone
Sometimes we have people round but usually impromtu or nearby family, not dinner parties or anytnhig
Mumsnet, obviously.
We don't do chores in the evenings though, other than loading the dishwasher and washing machine, we manage them either in the morning/weekend between us all plus we do live in a mess, which is blitzed now and then, which helps free up evenings.
At weekends we sometimes (depends on what's on, what ds wants to do etc) go to art galleries/exhibitions - a lot of them are free
do quite a lot of walking - another free thing
Laze about relishing not doing school run
Watch family films all together
Go to see friends/family
blitz the house
Hope there's sometihng in there thay helps.

jac34 Wed 20-Jul-05 19:18:23

Why don't you do your shopping in the week or online so you don't have to go on weekends.
We tend to go to the park alot, sometimes after work with a picnic. We go walking on weekends,ride bikes, bowling,museum, cinema,(our DS's are 6 and step DD is 10), we still do farms, the boys play football on saturday and DD swims. We go to the library, which we've done since they were quite young.
If you have to do shopping on weekends, go early and have breakfast in Tesco's, our kids love it, they have their own now but used to eat off our plates.
It is a bit of a bind when they are young and in a routine, but it would be good to have a break from it once in a while.

Magscat Wed 20-Jul-05 19:23:21

Are there any free museums near you? I'm not saying we're always in them (energy, time etc...) BUT we do sometimes manage to get out to the local Industrial Museum - ds is only 4 but he loves it cos there are shire horses & big engines & a there's a cafe.

He also likes anywhere you go to on a bus or train - doesn't have to be anything special at the end - just the journey is exciting. (Obviously this will wear off at some point).

Also the local park, the library all the summer galas we can get to and we have a great Photography museum. (We're lucky I guess)

Good luck

twirlaround Wed 20-Jul-05 19:49:04

weekends are excellent for nature outings!

slotnicki Wed 20-Jul-05 21:56:03

I have a diary which I use especially for noting down any free/low cost activities which I come across. These might range from activities in the local nature reserve to museums to school fetes. These are often publicised well in advance in local listings or the library. I then just look in the diary a few days before and see what's going on. It sounds really obvious but it works and stops you missing out on interesting events/activites.

leonardodavinci Wed 20-Jul-05 22:32:02

I do salsa dancing Tuesday nights, dh is out fishing Monday, I play table tennis ocassionally with children, or walk in local park, and now we take ds and dd fishing at least once a week. If you have the energy get an allotment, very sociable nowadays and gets you fit or try your hand at book clubs or whatever everone else does on an evening. Try writing songs, attempting novels or drawing. Don't ever get bored too much to do.

leonardodavinci Wed 20-Jul-05 22:36:23

allotments cost £10 a year plus your time and seeds but if you like gardening then could be an option for you?

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