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Broadband problem help!!!!!!

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jamboure Wed 20-Jul-05 08:10:02

Our provider is telewest broadband

About a week ago when I turned pc on instead of our usual broadband homepage we had a page called "surfya".

We have tried deleting surfya but it won't remove, tried resetting to a date before it installed itself onto our computer, still wont go away!!!!!!

It is a dialup connection too which we certainly dont use and we would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and how it was removed.

It comes with an adult links bit which ait good as our 3.5 yurs old regularly plays on nick jnr website.

My fil was showing us a clock online that he was buying and instead of the clock showing up popped hard porn, my 3.5 yr old was in the room

PLEASE!!!!!! someone help us remove this vile file that has hijacked our pc

throckenholt Wed 20-Jul-05 08:11:16

have you contacted telewest for their advice ?

W0MBAT Wed 20-Jul-05 08:16:34


Try this...

On the Internet Explorer Page, go to the Tools menu, and select 'internet options'. In here you can change the home page (the page that you automatically go to when opening up a browser). This might be the reason but no guarantees.

Carlk Wed 20-Jul-05 09:22:51

Download and run Spybot, that should sort it, it monitors your pc and prevents these programs being installed and removes most of the ones installed already

get it here

Best bit is it's free

It is also worth looking at getting a good firewall installed Zonealarm is favorably rated

monkeytrousers Wed 20-Jul-05 09:34:26

You can download AVG to to heal or lock up any viruses that you may have. We have it. Get it free here

jamboure Wed 20-Jul-05 10:20:55

spybot failed unfortunatly but thanx anyway!!!!

IlanaK Wed 20-Jul-05 10:24:27

Sounds like a malware virus. I have spent all day yesterday trying to get rid of one from my computer. I run Mcafee virus protection and firewall and it still got past. Mcafee tried unsucccessfully to help me get rid of it yesterday and we are trying again today. Here is a link to a website with step by step instruction on how to get rid of it (if it is the same one).

I was told that the reason it got past my protection is that I have not kept my windows updates up to date. Apparantly they rely on people like me not updating to get through.


IlanaK Wed 20-Jul-05 10:26:16

Forgot to say, spybot is not enough. You also need adaware software. Spybot found nothing on my computer, but adaware found loads. There are lots of free downloads for it.

jamboure Wed 20-Jul-05 12:08:48

wombat that aint working either thanx anyways

jamboure Wed 20-Jul-05 21:15:36

All sorted he has fixed it

Thanx ladies for all your help

sure he said he used adware!!!!

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