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A really dumb Broadband question

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Carla Wed 20-Jul-05 07:59:41

H's place of work is closing down at the end of August. They're selling off their computers cheaply - £100, with no software on them though.

My question is, are you allowed/is it possible to have a broadband connection to two pcs with only one subscription?


Nemo1977 Wed 20-Jul-05 08:03:28

we have broadband connection to a main desktop computer and 2 laptops at home. one is one a wireless network aswell so would assume it can be done...although dh is the techno mind

Fran1 Wed 20-Jul-05 08:09:05

Yes we have four pc's on one connection, but dp is the techno freak in this house.

We use a router - which is one pc that takes the connection and networks to all others.

As you can see i am not technical and have no advice!! it can be done without a router, think you need to connect two pc's with network cables.

Furball Wed 20-Jul-05 20:32:45

Apparently (DH talking as I type) you need a broadband router with network connections and network cards for each pc or wireless network.

morningpaper Wed 20-Jul-05 20:34:28

hehe yes it's possible - you will need to network the pcs (either with cables or with a wireless network)

I'd suggest installing Win XP Home on them.

You will spend a fortune on the software though (Win XP / Office / antivirus)

throckenholt Wed 20-Jul-05 20:35:51

we have a pc and a laptop - and one broadband connection (usb port). We only have one connection to the router and so can only use one at a time.

Tinker Wed 20-Jul-05 20:39:55

A router reduces your chances of getting viruses as well.

pinotgrigio Wed 20-Jul-05 21:30:04

<adjusts uber-geek girl specs>

I have a 2mb broadband line coming into the house which I've connected directly into my router. The other PCs and separate wireless router are connected into this router too.

I have several PCs connected into the broadand line (via this router) and it all works fine.

I have windows firewall configured on our ethernet cards to protect us and local anti-virus software installed on the pcs too.

Some PCs are part of a local network and others aren't - as long as they have access to the router they pick up the internet (DSL) connection automatically.

Grab the PCs if you can. There is a lot of good shareware that can protect you from viruses and the routers can be bought quite cheaply now. Your broadband can be shared, so there's no problem there.

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