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Karaoke - ever done it?

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unicorn Wed 20-Jul-05 00:12:35

Such FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would advise/urge anyone who feels inhibited being a parent (with all the responsibilities etc)- or if feeling just a bit down............................

Give it a go... it is great fun - and gives you the chance to be someone else for 2 minutes (can't be bad!)

unicorn Wed 20-Jul-05 00:17:55

I can't believe I 'sang' my fave dance records - B52's' 'Love Shack'............(on my own!)

Had such fun.. and didn't disgrace myself - someone actully said I was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

giraffeski Wed 20-Jul-05 00:18:50

Message withdrawn

unicorn Wed 20-Jul-05 00:20:53

but it doesn't really matter though does it?

It is just such a change from everyday life, who cares if it is awful or not?!!!!!!!!!

fimbelle Wed 20-Jul-05 00:56:55

God yeah! i remember when i was 19 me and a few mates sang viva forever by the spice girls, we enjoyed it even if no one else did! I used to love karaoke even though i only did a few times when i had a few drinks in me first. I like watching other people its a great laugh.

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