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This is FAB - Google Earth

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Eve Tue 19-Jul-05 16:40:54

\link{Google Earth\}

Eve Tue 19-Jul-05 16:41:38

Google earth

starlover Tue 19-Jul-05 16:42:08

oh i wanna get it but i don't know how because i'm running stupid linux machine

QueenOfQuotes Tue 19-Jul-05 16:43:07

how big is it??

Eve Tue 19-Jul-05 16:44:01

not very, click theh download and it will tell you how big.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 19-Jul-05 16:45:22

hehe - it better not be - just installing it now into a folder hidden deep in "my docs" so hopefully DH won't find it LOL

snafu Tue 19-Jul-05 18:36:47

How much fun is this?

Eve Tue 19-Jul-05 18:39:32

don't you like it?

SleepyJess Tue 19-Jul-05 18:40:55

Doing it now.. looks good. I came across millenium.maps in my course work the other day but offline at the time. When I got back online I found it it wasn't very good.. the free images were too small to see properly. Will check this out and report back!

gigglinggoblin Tue 19-Jul-05 18:46:16

we have linux starlover, is this any good to you? (slightly different but similar)

SleepyJess Tue 19-Jul-05 18:52:45

Is there any way of zooming in on streets etc without it going blurry? That's so cool the way the earth turns and locates the area you are after...

Eve Tue 19-Jul-05 18:58:02 can zoom in on the streets in the big cities in the US, in the rest of the world the photos aren't detailed enough.

Go and have a look round Washington DC or New York.

SleepyJess Tue 19-Jul-05 19:06:30

Oh wow, yep, just looked at Totonto... you can see straight into people's back gardens..and swimming pools etc wow!!

Think is where millenuim maps come into their own.. they are ALL in detail.. but to get the proper detail I think you have to pay..

LunarSea Wed 20-Jul-05 11:03:06

But have you seen Google Moon ? Zoom in as far as you can and see what you get - FAB!

rickman Wed 20-Jul-05 11:36:41

Message withdrawn

Catsmother Wed 20-Jul-05 12:41:00

I go this a few weeks ago ..... great fun and very addictive. Unfortunately, unless you live in the middle of a large city, the nearest you'll get to spotting your own road is a blurry topographical image, however, many of the world's better known landmarks are easily identifiable and some are quite detailed.

Try New York for the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero (where you can even see the ramp leading down into the cleared space)
Paris for the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre
Cairo for the Pyramids (plus, you can see the lesser known Queens pyramids and dozens of tombs)
Central London of course

Only thing is, does anyone else get dizzy from "flying" about ?

SleepyJess Wed 20-Jul-05 18:32:28

LOL catsmother.. it actually scares me a bit when I zoom right out and the town you are looking at becomes a map.. and then a globe.. and the earth gets smaller a smaller! I wouldn't make an astronaut!!!

DaddyCool Fri 22-Jul-05 13:18:24

bump - this is awesome! someones just told me about this.

i've got all my new goodies on my new work pc so i'm sitting here happily listening to my canadian home town radio station and farting about with google earth

RTKangaMummy Fri 22-Jul-05 13:24:04

Kangaboy loved it {as did we all}


Thank you

melsy Fri 22-Jul-05 20:21:31

Trying to find ground zero in New york but its going to various businesses.Do I do the search in Local search were it asks for what & were??Am I stooopid or doing it wrong, or both?

Catsmother Fri 22-Jul-05 20:47:01

I found Ground Zero by going to New York and just "looking about" .... I'm not sure you can actually use it as a search term.

If you search for New York, it zooms in initially to (I think) Central Park .... GZ is just visible bottom left hand corner at this point, so scroll left a little to see it whole.

rickman Fri 22-Jul-05 21:59:55

Message withdrawn

Eve Wed 27-Jul-05 20:05:34

...and to add to the excitment, there is Google Moon.

Ds and I were looking at volcanoes today (he's got a thing about them).

Vesuvious (sp) in Naples has a really clear view and there is a good one near Hawiai as well.

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