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ooh decision to make....

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starlover Tue 19-Jul-05 16:31:26

posted earlier about a babydan playpen i got off ebay.
it was advertised as new but when i opened it the bottom is scratched and the plastic bits are rather grimy. the playmat is a bit smelly and has some stains on it.

i e-mailed the seller who has just got back to me. She apologised profusely and said that i can have a full refund, but they can't swap it at the mo as they have no more in stock.


I can keep it and they will refund me £20

what would you do? i think that i can clean it up and it'll be fine... but i was really looking forward to a brand spanking new one...

QueenOfQuotes Tue 19-Jul-05 16:32:42

I'd probably accept the £20 and clean it up if it was definitely 'cleanupable'.

starlover Tue 19-Jul-05 16:33:18

i think it will be. it was only £49.99 to start with, so quite a bargain

WigWamBam Tue 19-Jul-05 16:33:58

Depends on how much you paid for it. If it was a good price then I'd probably take the £20 and clean it up. If it was expensive then I'd have the refund and buy from elsewhere.

starlover Tue 19-Jul-05 16:41:10

yeah think i'll probably keep it... too much hassle sending it back! lol

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