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ben nevis back in stock NOW

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charliecat Tue 19-Jul-05 07:36:57

at b and q

SoupDragon Tue 19-Jul-05 07:55:16

Bought mine - remembered to check the site after breakfast

vickiyumyum Tue 19-Jul-05 08:22:16

i don't want the ben nevis i want the castle one and its still out of stock

SoupDragon Tue 19-Jul-05 08:24:27

I wanted the McKinley but decided to compromise. If it comes back into stock, I can flog the Ben Nevis on Ebay

The McKinley doesn't actually fit in the children's play area - 50cm too big - but <<shrug>> I still want it!

vickiyumyum Tue 19-Jul-05 08:26:20

soupdragon. know what you mean, the kids don't actually need a new climbing frame but it seems like to much of a bargain to miss if only more would come in stock.

B&Q said in their email that they would all be abck in stock today!

SoupDragon Tue 19-Jul-05 08:28:52

So I could have 2 climbing frames by the end of the day eh?

SoupDragon Tue 19-Jul-05 08:29:34

I'm justifying this as a replacement for their little Tikes one which I will no doubt be offering up for sale on MN shortly

vickiyumyum Tue 19-Jul-05 08:40:44

snap soupdragon, the littel tykes jungle gym will have to go if i manage to get this.

they specifically said in the emaiol that thay sent me that all special offer tiems would be back instock today. so i will be checking back every so often. don't want to miss it!

katierocket Tue 19-Jul-05 08:50:43

ordered mine

mumbojumbo Tue 19-Jul-05 09:06:19

Thanks for posting - I've managed to place an order for a Ben Nevis plus the tyre swing

Need to clear some space in the back garden now!

I'm sooooo excited

<note to self - need to get out more!>

charliecat Wed 20-Jul-05 07:24:43

quick! ben nevis back in stock

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