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ideas for party theme

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thirtysomething Mon 23-Jun-03 21:15:14

does anyone have any ideas for a summer party theme (for children and maybe adults)?

Oakmaiden Mon 23-Jun-03 21:16:48

For what sort of occasion? HOw old are the children? There are so many themes it is hard to suggest things without knowing a bit more about what you are after....

thirtysomething Mon 23-Jun-03 21:22:38

it's just a summer garden party for kids (ranging from 2 to 6)and their parents

tamum Mon 23-Jun-03 21:23:20

Bit obvious maybe, but desert island kind of thing? Bermuda shorts, hula skirts, drinks with little parasols (adults)...
As Oakmaiden says, it depends on the ages and interests really.

tamum Mon 23-Jun-03 21:24:35

If they're that young, you could have a treasure bit to it, I suppose, so they could be pirates too?

thirtysomething Mon 23-Jun-03 21:42:13

they are great suggestions but have just been used at another party with all the same kids!!

lilibet Mon 23-Jun-03 21:50:38

I know it may be boring and old fashioned but can you really beat a teddy bears picnic?

tamum Mon 23-Jun-03 21:51:15

Errrm.... struggling a bit now! What about an Ugly Bug Ball, butterflies, creepy crawlies and so on? Not so good for adults though.

codswallop Mon 23-Jun-03 21:59:59

a hawaian hula

butterflymum Mon 23-Jun-03 22:51:44

Have a look at:

especially their theme packs section.

Or try:

The Kids' Pick-A-Party Book: 50 Fun Themes for Happy Birthdays and Other Parties
by Penny Warner

Teaches readers how to throw a variety of theme parties, furnishing creative tips on invitations, costumes, games, and party favors.

Available for about a fiver from Amazon.

butterflymum Mon 23-Jun-03 22:57:54

Or even:

The Children's Party Book: For Birthdays and Other Occasions
by Anne Thomas, Peter Thomas

Intended as a help to parents in the planning, preparing and hosting of a children's party, this book offers over 200 ideas for suitable indoor and outdoor party games, plus craft activities for children from three to 12-years-old, such as the making of a puppet theatre.

Also from Amazon.

SueW Tue 24-Jun-03 00:57:09

Errr, prob a bit obvious and not summery but Harry Potter?

Went to a Hogwarts party yesterday and my friend did Herbology (what you can eat from her garden - mint, strawberries, rosemary, etc but you may want to check out your garden first!); potions - her DH was Snape and the 'potions' were trifles the children put together themselves but you could also do experiments such as cleaning coins in salt and vinegar, making volcanoes/explodng potions (?sodium bicarb and vinegar), even make bath bombs (check out web recipes).

Make witches' and wizards' hats (paper cones and plenty of glitter/sequins and glue) or wands (wooden dowel and above).

Or completely different keep it very simple - sandpit, paddling pool, crawl through tunnels, dressing up races, potato races, egg and spoon, Twister, pavement chalks, hopsctoch, Little Tikes toys. Could everyone bring a slide/Cosy Coupe/similar? Do you have play equipment in your garden? Are they likely to get bored? Do you have a local toy library you could get equipment from?

SamboM Tue 24-Jun-03 10:21:10

One of the best themed parties I ever went to was an "Under the Sea" party. There were mermaids and men, octopuses (i was one!), fish, seaweed, and oil slick and even a couple of Robert Maxwells! They covered the floor of the living room with blue plastic and had lovely sea themed bits and pieces everywhere, it really was great.

Jaybee Thu 26-Jun-03 10:34:15

I have just received an email from Partybox and their suggested themes for summer parties are Hawaiian and Wild West - the Hawiaan one sounds similar to the one you recently went to but Wild West sounds fun - they even do inflatable cacti - here

thirtysomething Thu 26-Jun-03 14:16:19

Thanks everyone for your tips - definitely given me some great ideas!

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