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2 Year old Girl Prezzie Ideas?

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Frizbe Mon 18-Jul-05 16:14:50

Hi all, dd has her 1st birthday party to go to this weekend, and we need a prezzie for a 2 year old girl, whom we as parents don't know at all! as dd is a bit young to express her knowledge of this persons likes and dislikes what do you all suggest?

purpleturtle Mon 18-Jul-05 16:15:47

playdoh. Jigsaw. Books.

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jul-05 16:15:50

Large floor puzzle

Frizbe Mon 18-Jul-05 19:13:26

thanks guys bump for anymore suggestions?

Fran1 Mon 18-Jul-05 19:18:31

Art and craft stuff - paint and paintbrushes and sponges. OR a colouring book and crayons.

Story books.



Hairbands and clips if she has longish hair?

My dd is 2.5 and she loves little bags and purses with bits and bobs to put in them and take out again. She loves to walk around the house with her teddy bear rucksack. I've seen lots of those bags in the shop in the shape of dolls or animals - not too expensive.

helsi Mon 18-Jul-05 19:20:43

tea set - (ELC £5)

HappyMumof2 Mon 18-Jul-05 19:27:35

Message withdrawn

TwinSetAndPearls Mon 18-Jul-05 19:32:35

2 seems ages ago now...but from what I remmeber dd favourite presents were a baby doll, easyish puzzles, some bits for her homecorner.

TwinSetAndPearls Mon 18-Jul-05 19:35:26

but her absolute favourite was play dough, came with kit to make funny hair from early learning centre.

Rarrie Mon 18-Jul-05 23:45:14

A little girl can never have enough dolls - at least if my DD is anything to go buy! Ones from 12m+ range from a fiver in woolies to a £15 baby Annabell one!

handlemecarefully Tue 19-Jul-05 08:28:48

Magic painting book
Sticker books

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