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king sized duvet.....boring housewifey question.

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Donbean Mon 18-Jul-05 15:43:24

Ive never been to a laundrette in my life and to save me from looking like a complete nonce i was wondering if you would talk me through the proceedure for washing a king sized duvet.
Is there a special machine that takes extra large stuff?
Can i use fairy soap powder to wash it with?
How much is it (aprox) and what coins do the machines take?
How long (aprox) will it take to do?
Would the lady at the shop do it for me and me go and pick it up later do you think? (for extra £)
Do i have to ring and book this in or do i just bob into the shop?
I know, i know, im a complete fxxxkwit but thanks for your patience and understandingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PrettyCandles Mon 18-Jul-05 15:46:07

Is it feather or synthetic?

Chuffed Mon 18-Jul-05 15:46:43

Our local laundromat has a big sign on the door saying serviced washes, duvets, pillows etc, and they do it for you, you drop it off and pick it up.
They do have different sized washers, the prices vary ours charges...wait for it £2.80 for a medium load wash, you can use any washing liquid you want.
Are there washing instructions on the duvet anywhere with temperatures, can you dry it etc. I have a feeling if it is feather you need to put an old tennis ball or something in the drier with it to make sure the feathers don't clump.

Donbean Mon 18-Jul-05 15:48:03

synthetic, you see you are all superb..."tennis ball" i would never have known that!

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:48:14

ours if ferathers
when it was puked on last week we took it in and htat fternoon picked it up

£10 . 99

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:49:10

sent dh as i wondered al the same htings
last time i was in a launderette was a sa student

Donbean Mon 18-Jul-05 15:49:21

was puke gone?

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:50:03


Donbean Mon 18-Jul-05 15:50:34

your puke or kids puke? Been to wine tasting again coddy?????

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:50:51

i find the best thing to do int hese situations is to goin a nd lookk clueless

id say "i ahev no idea what to do can oyu help me"
people love showing people the ropes

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:51:00

ahme! ds3s

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:51:11

(non vintage)

PrettyCandles Mon 18-Jul-05 15:52:02

It's worth getting a service wash, because they take agest o tumble. YOu can line dry a synthetic duvet, but it's much better to tumble them if they're large. I've never had to book. Come to think of it, I always wash our synthetic duvet at home - but then it is a single - and dry-clean the feather one. It might actually work out cheaper to dry-clean it - probably worth finding out. And it's true, you do need to tumble dry feather items with a tennis ball.

fishfinger Mon 18-Jul-05 15:52:37

we took our sin at 11 and it was back by4

Donbean Mon 18-Jul-05 15:52:43

na, will send dh to look clueless i think.

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