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A big thankyou & an update (1 year on!)

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Dixie Mon 23-Jun-03 16:01:07

Well hi ladies, with the anniversary approaching of when my husband left I just wanted to say a really big thank you to you all. Due to the time of year I am obviously thinking back & reflecting on what has happened over the last year.

I'm deffinately in a better state than I was a year ago. Much to do with the remarkable support from all you lovely people. I'm still under the doctor & still on the anti depressants but doing so much better.

Ds2 had his 1st birthday last week, a milestone in both his little life & mine really. He is also due to go into hospital next week for the operation we have been waiting for since his birth to correct his kidney associated problem (renal pelvic dialation) so I'm a bit anxious & it's also going to mean quite a lot of contact with my estranged husband but I'm a much stronger person now & I'm sure I'll do ok.

Ironically the operation date is on the exact same date my husband walked out on us last year!

ds2 will be in for apprx 2 weeks so any advice from you all that have experienced a baby admitted into hospital for a period of time I could do with any tips on how to handle the situation.

so once again, a big thank you to all!
and to the other mums recently experiencing break-ups with long term partners & husbands....IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER WITH TIME...I PROMISE!!

bossykate Mon 23-Jun-03 16:02:58

good for you, dixie. hope your ds makes a good recovery.

sykes Mon 23-Jun-03 16:21:12

Glad to hear that as I'm just at the beginning and desperate to reconcile. I'd do anything which may sound incredibly pathetic but unfortunately it's true. Not helped by reading all the wonderful e-mails he sent over the last year and recalling the great times. Maybe I've got rose-tinted glasses on - think he's got the reverse and just remembers the bad times. Hope your son and you cope with the hospital stay okay and having to deal with your husband. Lots of luck.

sobernow Mon 23-Jun-03 16:48:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThomCat Mon 23-Jun-03 17:33:34

I didn't know you back then, but how nice to post and let people know your news. Glad you're getting there, look forward to even more positive news on the next anniversary!

jodee Mon 23-Jun-03 18:33:53

Dixie, how lovely to read you are feeling so much more positive, and I'm sure you'll cope brilliantly with any contact you have with your ex during the time your ds is in hospital. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and I'm sure you will get loads of advice from other Mums who've had their little ones in hospital.

WideWebWitch Mon 23-Jun-03 20:43:49

dixie, I remember taking a sharp intake of breath and feeling so sad and angry for you when you first posted about your h leaving. I am so pleased to hear that things are better for you now, lovely to hear. Well done you.

tigermoth Mon 23-Jun-03 21:45:01

dixie, I'm so happy to read your message. I'm so glad you feel better about things. Your message comes from the heart. You've really been there, been through it, so when you say 'time heals' it is means an awful lot. I imagine you must feel so much stronger than you did. I hope next year is a wonderful one for you and sending a hug to your your ds.

Ghosty Mon 23-Jun-03 21:57:39

Dixie ... so glad you are feeling more positive. I joined mumsnet about a year ago around the time your troubles were happening so I remember reading about them but was too scared to post then.
I hope your baby's op goes well ... and that you manage to cope with seeing your ex ...
Big hugs {{{{{}}}}}

Marina Mon 23-Jun-03 22:29:36

Dixie, it is so fantastic to hear you sounding so positive after that **** really put you through it last year. We haven't heard that much from you since Nov/Dec 2002, so it is such a boost to get your news (even though ds2 has got to have surgery after all). Can't help with the anxiety of putting your little one through his operation but I am sure others will have lots of tips on coping, and he has his strong mummy at his side. Every good wish for a quick recovery for him and I do keep an eye out for you as I am waddling round Bluewater these days!

bloss Tue 24-Jun-03 00:46:12

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Tue 24-Jun-03 07:41:10

Dixie if you want my email - any questions you want to ask about having a baby admitted to hospital I would be happy to answer. My dd was in hospital for three weeks following heart surgery. Saves me taking up the space here.

GRMUM Tue 24-Jun-03 08:20:25

Dixie,Good to hear thatyou are doing so well.Have often wondered how you were getting on - only seen you posting very occasionally.Hope that all goes smoothly with DS2's op. and that you are soon home for the summer.You should be very proud of yourself.You really went through it and have come out the other side smiling and positive.

Batters Tue 24-Jun-03 11:00:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prufrock Tue 24-Jun-03 11:28:08

Dixie - it's wonderful to hear things are working out so well for you and your family. I was worried that it was sitting next to me at the Xmas met-up that had put you off Mumsnet butno - you just got a life

winnie1 Tue 24-Jun-03 11:43:06

Dixie, thanks for posting. I too remember your terribly sad posts from that time an dI am so pleased that you can now see the light and the end of the tunnel... best of wishes for the next few weeks.

lisalisa Tue 24-Jun-03 15:53:29

Message withdrawn

Tinker Tue 24-Jun-03 19:32:55

Dixie - glad things have turned around for you. Remember having a late night chat, really pleased you're feeling more upbeat. All the best.

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