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Moving to Wales - anyone done it?

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Aragon Mon 18-Jul-05 12:10:30

We are considering a move from Somerset to Wales (where my sister in law lives). We are currently priced out of the property market here and we could afford to buy something of a decent size in Wales. We'd be looking at moving to the Carmarthen area.

My only concern is our son who is 2.5 and whether it would be hard for him to settle in a new place - especially Wales as we have encountered "racism"(is that the right word) there in the form of people speaking in Welsh around us and complaining about "all the English in Wales" - my sister-in-law speaks Welsh so understood what they were saying perfectly (and had no hesitation in informing them of this). However, we are big and ugly enough to take care of ourselves and my husband's family originally came from Carmarthenshire which means we can claim Welsh roots. However, would my son face this kind of problem in school? I was bullied throughout my school years and am probably a bit oversensitive about the possibility of my son experiencing the same.
Am I worrying too much - should we just do it?
Anyone else made a big move with a toddler/young child? How did it affect them?

cerys Mon 18-Jul-05 12:32:12

I think if you moved now and your son started at school he would pick Welsh up really quickly and IME young children don't think about where people come from - they just play together! Maybe if he was a teenager it would be more problematic, but at his age it should be fine.

I am Welsh but only know a few words and phrases, to my shame.I'm sorry you've had some negative experiences.

Good luck - it's a lovely part of the world there.

spacecadet Mon 18-Jul-05 18:10:44

i am welsh and have done the opposite..moved out of wales! but seriously, you would be fine,your ds would pick up the welsh language with no prob and i would advise that you and your dh learn welsh too if you move there. good luck!

Pixiefish Mon 18-Jul-05 18:46:25

I second what spacecadet says that your son would pick up the Welsh in no time. If you went to Welsh classes as well then you'd be able to help him with school work and involve yourself in the local community.

Remember that Welsh is a core subject and has the same importance as English, Maths and Science in Welsh schools. Also the majority of his other subjects will be taught through the medium of Welsh.

I do think that it depends on your attitude and the way you integrate into the community as to how things will go for you.

helsi Mon 18-Jul-05 18:47:01

A friend of mine did it and they love it. They have had no trouble with the Welsh people and their dd settled in really well.

Mosschops30 Mon 18-Jul-05 19:24:33

Message withdrawn

munz Mon 18-Jul-05 19:28:52

I've moved to wales (pembrokeshire from england) and most of the parents on our estate (95% english) are happy they're children haveno more problems than if they were at an 'english' school so to speak. I think the only probelm one did have was her son could speak welsh and when he asked for help oon his homeowrk she couldn't help him, apart from that no problems, most of pembs are english anyways I think so they'res a lot of us this neck of the woods.

(althou would like to point out as well u have to be a tenth generation pemb's persona to be a 'local' around here v fussy about who's local and who's not (obvioulsly not that bad as in tenth gen but u catch what I mean)

cerys Tue 19-Jul-05 08:47:23

If it's any consolation I was verbally abused in the street in Cardiff once because a trader realised my accent is Swansea and there's a bit of rivalry (understatement!)

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