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Ds is 2 today!

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edam Sun 17-Jul-05 09:01:30

and he is thrilled with his new kitchen... and his baby buggy... hasn't found his new fork lift truck yet!

MarsLady Sun 17-Jul-05 09:27:22

Happy Birthday mini Edam

gingerbear Sun 17-Jul-05 09:28:13

happy birthday mini Edam!
I always wanted a fork-lift truck

gingerbear Sun 17-Jul-05 09:28:53

snap Mars.

MarsLady Sun 17-Jul-05 09:29:40

edam Sun 17-Jul-05 10:08:54

Do you want to come round and play with ours? [grin}

gingerbear Sun 17-Jul-05 18:16:05

ooh, please! presume he has found it by now? And tired out and ready for bed?

edam Sun 17-Jul-05 21:43:55

Oooh yes - he's been properly spoilt. My sister, bless her, made a dalek cake, which he loved.
Last guests stayed until 8.30 so by the time I'd got ds bathed and in bed (and boy did he need a bath after playing with the easel and the felt tips) was too tired to tidy up! Dh went off to drive his mum home so I'm now on my own - faced with collecting all the toys/chairs/stuff in from teh garden, colecting all the rubbish, washing up, tidying up... do you think the fairies will come and do it if I can't be bothered?

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