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Do you think Im snotty?

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jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 23:06:08

Following on from my "bitch at bbq" thread, I know a few people who have thought me snotty apparently because I speak nicely. So being as though none of you know how I sound, do I come across as snotty online?

Enid Sat 16-Jul-05 23:07:38

I take great pride in being snotty.

Feck them. You are what you are.

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:08:27

not in the slightest jampots.

rickman Sat 16-Jul-05 23:09:52

Message withdrawn

coppertop Sat 16-Jul-05 23:10:26

I was about to say "Definitely not!" but then got paranoid that you'd think I was calling you common-as-muck.

Nope. You don't come across as snotty.

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 23:11:56

PMSL coppertop!!

thank you I dont think Im snotty in the slightest but more than enough people have commented

moondog Sat 16-Jul-05 23:12:00

No. I like you.

serenity Sat 16-Jul-05 23:15:24

You always come across as very down to earth to me

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 23:25:37

awww thanks everyone

JoolsToo Sat 16-Jul-05 23:28:40

S'not true

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 23:28:59


Flum Sat 16-Jul-05 23:32:21

I don't think you speak nicely at all. 'being as though....' what frickin grammar book did you get that from?

Nothing wrong with being a bit sniffy. Snotty I would draw the line at though as it just makes me think of 7 year old boys.

CountessDracula Sat 16-Jul-05 23:37:20

quite Flum

Not at all the sort of person one might send an "At Home" card to...

Flum Sun 17-Jul-05 00:22:47

Quite Countess. Will be married next month and my first chore will be to order my At Home cards. Do hope you can come to one of my At Homes they should be marvellouse fun, with lashings of tea and plum pudding. Do you play bridge my dear?

suzywong Sun 17-Jul-05 00:24:46

I know and admire you as a slightly foul-mouthed fishwife jampots, so I would say "No"

ScummyMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 00:25:17

What does snotty mean? Does it mean posh?

Flum Sun 17-Jul-05 00:36:08

Did you mean snooty jampots? I think anyone who would call anyone snotty is clearly so far down the social scale as to only have Anthrax bugs as friends. I'm sure they wouldn't use At Home cards now would they

jampots Sun 17-Jul-05 00:39:51

quite flum! I am moving ds's school so i can mix with a better breed of person.

Thanks Suzy - I will take that as a compliment from you

ScummyMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 00:47:51

I think you are neither snooty nor snotty (as far as I understand the latter), jp. You are my source of wisdom on twin dilemmas and very nice. I glanced at your jeep/pta thread and think the woman concerned is a banana-headed twatweevil.

bensmum3 Sun 17-Jul-05 21:20:28

Getting worried here,always think of jampots as someone well respected on MN, but maybe I'm not supposed to comment, a friend sniffed at me changing ds's nappy on a very clean community hall floor (with a changing mat) at the weekend, and I've not heard of At home cards ?

nutcracker Sun 17-Jul-05 21:22:55

Yes are think you are

galaxy Sun 17-Jul-05 21:26:20

Why do you care? You are who ou are and what would you change if everyone said, yes you are snotty? I don't think you are btw but I'm pissed for the 1st time in about 3 years so my opinion is very insignificant!

marthamoo Sun 17-Jul-05 21:28:20

No you're not snotty. Enid is definitely snotty but you don't come across like that at all (going to find the BBQ thread now).

<<<heeheehee>>> runs off cackling manically.

jampots Sun 17-Jul-05 21:47:40

nutty !!! NO YOU DONT!

tiredemma Sun 17-Jul-05 22:09:16

you sounded dead common on the phone!

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