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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining?

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Evesmama Sat 16-Jul-05 22:51:10

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what with all the terrible recent goings on and particular posts on here...i finally managed to get myself registered as a 'full' organ donor tonight...they say even skin can help save a babies life who may be born with a heart defect!!..who can say no to that?

Please register yourselves too if you havent already

feeling very 'save the world' tonight
must be new tabs

sparklymieow Sat 16-Jul-05 22:57:56

PLease do it, if not because of the terrible things that have happened recently, then for Misdee!!!

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:03:43

my wishes are down on the organ donar register, i will donate anything usable..sadly they cannot have my kidneys as they are defrormed and damaged, my urologists exact words being,they are only fit for the hospital incinorator..charming.

Evesmama Sat 16-Jul-05 23:27:12


yes, my initial thought was for Misdee..i dont know how i could cope like she has been..if more people register..change that..i'd like to think that i can help someone when its my time..the're no use to me when im gone, but they may just be what someone so desperatly needs!

sparklymieow Sat 16-Jul-05 23:31:04

Well misdee is away till tomorrow night so I have to make sure that people do it

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:31:18

ive told all my family i wish to donate my (usable)organs..however i have entered a clause that says my liver ,must not go to george best.

sparklymieow Sat 16-Jul-05 23:32:36

told dh that I want anything needed to be taken, he didn't like the idea but I am on the register now so he has to do as I ask..... or I will come back and haunt him.....

moondog Sat 16-Jul-05 23:34:38

lol spacecadet!
Seriously though,don't you think that people awaiting/having received transplants must be *outraged8 by him???

Evesmama Sat 16-Jul-05 23:34:54

asked dp if he wanted me to register..he said no..still..its his body..ive got more to go round

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:39:08

moondog, it must be awful for people who have looked after their bodies and had the miss fortune to develope an illnes or be born with an abnormality see an organ go to someone who only needed it because of years of abuse, its sad, and bloody frustrating when the new organ gets abused too.

Evesmama Sat 16-Jul-05 23:40:21

thing that gave me the kick was when it mentioned babies...

Evesmama Sat 16-Jul-05 23:40:26

thing that gave me the kick was when it mentioned babies...

Janh Sat 16-Jul-05 23:43:05

They should have done a brain transplant at the same time as the liver, it might have stopped him drinking...

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:43:22

itsa shame..not enough people are organ donors..or blood donors for that matter.

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:44:35

no a transplant would have been a waste janh, a frontal labotomy would have been better, he wouldnt know his own name then , let alone where the gin was kept!

Janh Sat 16-Jul-05 23:45:38

They are talking about introducing - um - forget how they described it, negative compulsion or something? for company pensions where everybody is signed up automatically and has to choose not to be. If they can do it for pensions they should do it for organ donation.

spacecadet Sat 16-Jul-05 23:50:20

they already do that in the nhs jan, i was automatically signed up for company pension, they send you a form if you want to opt out.

Evesmama Sun 17-Jul-05 20:10:29


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