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HELP - what can I do about a company charging me for something I've returned to them?

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Aniles Sat 16-Jul-05 11:38:04


I became a member of one of those book clubs that have a reccommended title every month which they send to you unless you tell them you don't want it. I phoned the company and asked if they could set my account so that I never receive the monthly book, they said yes, but I kept receiving the books month regardless of me repeatedly rejecting them.
I always requested that they send me a pre-paid potage label so that the books could be returned at no cost to me and they always did so because they were at fault sending me the books.

Now I have a bill for books which I know I returned. When I spoke to them on the phone they said I could send them the proof of postage and I agreed because I always get one when I return items. Anyway, of course, now I can't find the blooming thing and don't know what to do.

It's been a couple of months now since I returned to books and they still haven't showed up on theur records - any ideas guys? I really don't want to have to pay for books that I didn't even order, let alone have to read!!

SenoraPostrophe Sat 16-Jul-05 14:05:01

A tricky one.

You could try writing them a letter stating when and where the books were posted, and point out that you should not be responsible for items going missing in the post since the return labels they sent you were for ordinary post, not signed for.

They will probably back down because it would cost them quite a bit to take it further and because they probably do have the books. While you're at it, you should also put your request for them to stop sending the books in writing, and send it signed for (that may not do anything though because you'll probably find that you aigned something to the effect that you agree to receiving them when you signed up).

Freckle Sat 16-Jul-05 14:29:49

If you told them not to send you the books and they still did, they will be classed as unsolicited goods and you are under no obligation to return them anyway. So I would write to them stating this and requesting that they amend your account to show that you do not owe any money.

PennyLess Sat 16-Jul-05 14:29:50

If you have paid by credit card, try speaking to the card compnay and ask them not to honour these payments.

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