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Anyone drive a Cavalier????

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charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 10:42:29

Anyone have or had one??? DP is buying one just wonderd what you thought of you one or one youve had in the past - cheers x

purpleturtle Sat 16-Jul-05 10:43:42

dh crashed one once. Seemed fairly sturdy.

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 10:44:27

LOL cheers purpleturtle,

anyone else???

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 14:01:02


fishfinger Sat 16-Jul-05 14:03:34

dh had one
years ago
mum and dad tookpleaseure in owning hte oldest one int eh universe - a k reg!
have just got anew focus
Mum and Dad are from Yorkshire ( nuff said)

Pixiefish Sat 16-Jul-05 14:04:30

I have a vectra which dh says is just a cavalier with a different name. I know he's teasing me but they are fairly similar (he says exactly the same) anyway.
It's British which means the parts are in te uk and fairly cheap in comparison with some foreign cars. There are also pleanty of them around and in scrapyards which means if you needed second hand bits for it you could get them easily. Mine is very reliable- don't know what its like with bodywork as its only 3. From what I remember of people that have had them they are good solid reliable cheap to fix and service cars.

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 14:04:36

was it any good fishfinger?

fishfinger Sat 16-Jul-05 16:29:00

yeah fien and cheap ot mend

Blondeinlondon Sun 17-Jul-05 01:59:17

yes got one, had them before, can put loadsa miles on without too many issues

charleepeters Sun 17-Jul-05 06:28:23

Good godd now all i gotta do i sell our other one!

Wallace Sun 17-Jul-05 07:28:43

Ours is K reg! Very good reliable car...until the exhaust fell off

Wallace Sun 17-Jul-05 07:29:30

Way over 200 thousand on the mileage. A diesel though

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