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Free to the first poster ! Comp ticket for two to any Picturehouse Cinema

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Kayleigh Sat 16-Jul-05 00:24:32

I have a complimentary ticket for 2 at any picturehouse venue. Venues are listed here

I received it as a freebie from LoveFilm but don't live anywhere near one of these cinemas .

First person to post gets it ..............

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 00:40:53


sallystrawberry Sat 16-Jul-05 00:41:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 00:42:58


cant see venues though

blondehelen Sat 16-Jul-05 00:46:17

don't live nearby. But this for anyone else

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 00:46:51

thanks !

SonA is my local one

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 00:46:51

thanks !

SonA is my local one

Kayleigh Sat 16-Jul-05 00:48:59

jampots it's all yours . Sorry about the link, try this .

You'll need to CAT me your address.

jampots Sat 16-Jul-05 00:49:55

ooh thanks. will cat tonight xxxx

Kayleigh Sat 16-Jul-05 00:51:38

no problem. night night, am off to bed now. my work here is done

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