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christening outfit for a 12 month old boy - inspiration?

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bosscat Fri 15-Jul-05 17:00:06

He's obviously too big for a gown. I hate those cream silky culotte things in John Lewis. I just want a plain white smart top and trousers, like a sailor suit (but not with silly big collars) that sort of thing. Any one bought one similar and can recommend?

purpleturtle Fri 15-Jul-05 17:02:14

Do Debenhams have anything?

My nephew wore a tiny beige linen suit from Monsoon for his christening - it was gorgeous!

triceratops Fri 15-Jul-05 17:03:46

vertbaudet do some lovely linen shirt and trousers combos

starlover Fri 15-Jul-05 17:04:07

try here

bosscat Fri 15-Jul-05 17:07:16

oh thanks for link and I forgot all about Monsoon!

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