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Suggestions for Party games for 3 year olds

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jenkel Fri 15-Jul-05 09:29:28

Ok, not very good at this sort of thing. I'm looking for ideas for simple party games for quite a few 3 years olds, not really pass the parcel as after going to a few parties recently they dont seem to really know what to do and it takes far too long and I have quite a few children. So any ideas please?

hana Fri 15-Jul-05 09:39:29

3 year olds don't really get games
some of the things I did for dd when she was 3 last year:

decorate cookies to take home
treasure hunt in the garden ( had wrapped up stickers in silver paper - all were divided evenly at end!)
dancing statues

we did do pass the parcel as well

at this age they just like having a fun around and play!
have fun!

hana Fri 15-Jul-05 09:40:20

if you have a lot of children there you could split the pass the parcel into 2 or 3 groups that are playing simutaneously to make it go faster!

lilaclotus Fri 15-Jul-05 09:41:57

something my mum did on one of my birthday parties... get a load of newspapers, fold pages into big paper hats, let kids decorate them. all my friends loved it and they all went home with big funky hats.

Twiglett Fri 15-Jul-05 09:42:38

no games at 3 I would say .. just give them toys / space to play and maybe have a creative table somewhere they can do sticking and gluing

play music and let them dance

spykid Fri 15-Jul-05 09:50:23

Take a piccie of each child at party, or a group photo, and get children to decorate a simple cardboard frame to take home.
treasure hunt in the garden.
musical statues.
colouring competition.
decorate a rich tea biccie with squeezy icing and smarties.

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut Fri 15-Jul-05 10:00:52

Agree with hana - forget games, especially if you are talking about boys.

ellceeell Fri 15-Jul-05 10:03:07

If you have a garden, lots of bubbles and different shaped blowers.

Disco dancing especially if you have or can borrow the lights for it.

Cardboard masks that they can decorate with stickers or crayons.

Musical islands - like musical chairs but they have to stand on islands made from newspaper.

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