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Weimaraner Dog - Can anyone help?

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jibberjabber Fri 15-Jul-05 09:15:56

Weimaraner Dog - gorgeous,affectionate,clever,spritely 5.5 years old bitch. She was our pet we rehomed her as she was nervous around little ones - we now have a ds 13mths. She was really happy living with our friend who tragically was killed 2 weeks ago.

I really need to rehome her. Does anyone have any ideas. I really don't want her to go to the local RSPCA unit, would much rather find her a loving home myself.

Nemo1977 Fri 15-Jul-05 09:19:22

try looking for wiemaraner club website and maybe advertise on there. Where are you? As y PIL had a wiemaranar who died couple of years ago and they keep saying about getting another one.

jibberjabber Fri 15-Jul-05 09:21:42

Hi Nemo, I am in Kent

Nemo1977 Fri 15-Jul-05 09:22:45

aww too far then. As I said try the clubs websites

jibberjabber Fri 15-Jul-05 11:10:39

Have checked and the regional club has no spaces - no carera available.

jibberjabber Fri 15-Jul-05 20:31:37

I wondered if perhaps there were any evening posters who had any ideas, as there were no takers earlier,

serah Fri 15-Jul-05 21:30:36



and this

Three for you jibberjabber

(blimey, hope these work, first time I've had a go at linking!)

serah Fri 15-Jul-05 21:32:43

oooh, I'm excited , they work!

second one though, you will need to navigate around on the site as I linked to the wrong page. bugger.

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