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FINALLY a helpful shop!!!

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Flamesparrow Fri 15-Jul-05 08:57:02

Our Boots has a baby changing bit in it, and a disabled toilet...

We had two toddlers needing wee wees, and two pushchairs. A lovely salesgirl came in as we were trying to fight our way into the disabled loo, and unlocked the staff toilets for us because they were bigger and fitted the two pushchairs more easily!!!

After being told that a toddler should wet themselves in one shop (we had been in the queue for 10 mins because they had cocked up 4 times with our shopping, so not just that we couldn't be bothered to stop shopping to take him), it was so nice to have someone help!

gossifer Fri 15-Jul-05 09:14:47

must have made your day!

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