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My little brother has been nominated for an Emmy award

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PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 22:42:30


ahhhhh, what a clever boy. Third time lucky I hope

Niddlynono Thu 14-Jul-05 22:43:26

Wow. That's amazing. Who is he? You must be so proud.

Janh Thu 14-Jul-05 22:45:51

Bluddy hell, pph. What it must be like to have such a high achieving family


PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 22:46:11

Not one of the acting ones, a creative award. He does computer generated special fx. He's been nominated for Battlestar Galactica .
He has always been beaten by Star Trek before but this time theyhaven't been nominated... hurrah!

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 22:46:53

Marvellous! Is he a writer pph?

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 22:47:10

sorry, crossed posts!

lockets Thu 14-Jul-05 22:47:25

Message withdrawn

PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 22:51:59

He's doing so well. Set up his own company a year and a half ago and they have 50 employees already and do Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Kingdom Hospital, Andromeda - all the really geeky but visually amazing sci-fi shows...

and he is only 31!

hunkermunker Thu 14-Jul-05 22:52:11

Oh, wow! Fantastic!

ScrewballMuppet Thu 14-Jul-05 22:53:35


snafu Thu 14-Jul-05 22:54:08

Oooh, good luck to him, pph. When are the Emmys?

Libb Thu 14-Jul-05 22:54:41

is he single?

JoolsToo Thu 14-Jul-05 22:55:08

excellent - hope he wins!

sunchowder Thu 14-Jul-05 22:55:36

Congrats PPH, that is wonderful, hope he wins too!

snafu Thu 14-Jul-05 22:55:40

hehehe Libb. I was too polite to ask. I have a soft spot for geeks.

PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 22:56:12

mid sept. he gets to have a shindig in LA with limos 'n all....

he is single, as it happens!

Libb Thu 14-Jul-05 22:57:18

cor, I have no shame I admit. I love geeks . . .

PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 22:58:04

well the sfx boys are certainly very geeky.... they love their software!

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 22:58:32

Let us know if he wins, no wonder you are proud .

Libb Thu 14-Jul-05 22:58:48

I know some here in Cambridge but they are all very settled - pah!

Libb Thu 14-Jul-05 23:01:19

Where do I find some new geeks? they must like Buffy the Vampire Slayer - after that I am easy to please

Just kidding, I am really thrilled for your brother - will be paying close attention - I will shout and point "I know him!!" before admitting that I don't! He must be really proud so I have all my bits crossed for him xx

PrincessPeaHead Thu 14-Jul-05 23:04:08

you'll have to travel, Libb, he is in Vancouver....!

Just looked at the list of 5 nominations and he has worked on 4 of them. Two Battlestar (that must cannibalise their vote I guess), one Stargate Atlantis and 1 Stargate SG-13. Don't know how that works then! Think a phone call may be in order.....

Amanda1 Thu 14-Jul-05 23:18:53

Message withdrawn

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