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Anyone heard from Beachyhead or Rochwen?

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Twiga Thu 14-Jul-05 12:57:47

Beachyhead is part of the ante-natal due in Aug thread and we've not heard from her in around a week. We know she's based in London/London area and are pretty sure she was on mat leave so hopefully not on the trains last thurs. Anyway we're starting to really worry on the Aug thread, so any chat would be great (ie if on hol etc).

Also, Rochwenm is another missing memeber of our thread - went into Aberdeen Mat Hos for growth scan last Fri and we've again heard nothing since. Was a possibility that she might have been induced - again we're all getting worried and would appreciate any up-date that anyone might have.

Thanks, all on the Aug thread x

Hausfrau Thu 14-Jul-05 12:58:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiga Thu 14-Jul-05 13:05:57

Hausfrau, she was worried about SPD and the whole growth scan thing was an added spanner in the works. A few of us from up in the Aberdeen area were planning to meet up but had put off until we heard from her - unfortunately none of us have contact details for her and she can't recieve CATs - so hoping everything is ok.

Twiga Thu 14-Jul-05 14:53:20


KBear Thu 14-Jul-05 16:11:47

Met with Beachy at the Greenwich meet up a couple of weeks back. She's on maternity leave and hasn't got internet access at home.

dinosaur Thu 14-Jul-05 16:12:51

Also has anyone heard from Pamina3?

colinsmommy Thu 14-Jul-05 16:14:41

Thanks Kbear.

Twiga Thu 14-Jul-05 17:48:32

Cheers Kbear, that's really good to know - if you see her any time soon, give her our love, Aug thread x

Twiga Thu 14-Jul-05 17:53:20

Dinosaur - did a quick search and looks like she last posted on the 12th July - her due date is today! She mentions back on the 5th July on her due in July thread that her acess maybe sporadic due to computer being up-graded. HTH

Twiga Fri 15-Jul-05 18:56:27

Quick up-date - we've found Rochwen! She checked in today having given birth to her dd on Fri - Mum and bubs doing well !

Pamina3 Wed 20-Jul-05 22:13:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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