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natasha Kaplinsky

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fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 09:53:34

what is it about her htta is so incredible annoying?

her sumgness
her fake blodne pineapple head?

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 09:54:14

Her fab figure.... her immaculate skin...

georginars Thu 14-Jul-05 09:54:38

EVERYTHING is annoying about her
but I find her makeup and mouth and too old hair the most annoying

edodgy Thu 14-Jul-05 09:55:07

she gets on my t*ts.

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 09:55:15

ooh not immaculate no

her face is odd
the face the wears scarves inafrica

and her poise is very odd ont hat sofa

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 09:56:07

yikes airbrush!

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 09:57:04

You're just all jealous of her...

northerner Thu 14-Jul-05 09:57:43

PMSL Coddy.

I really can't stand this woman. Not quite sure why. Perhaps it it her old womans hair do that is held in place by 5 tins of lacquer, her smugness, her layers of foundation. She is old before her time.

Dh fancies her. I have no idea why.

moozoboozo Thu 14-Jul-05 09:58:12

I bet she tears a new hole in the ozone layer every morning when she styles that Barnet.

My DP always says that she's seen more cocks than Bernard Matthews.

georginars Thu 14-Jul-05 09:59:08

pmsl moozo!
She is unbearably smug.

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 09:59:29

she has a broomstick up her arse I think

lol at bernard matthews

aparently her manager ( who had managed millions of poeple - an agent prob) sacked her as being the mpost didifcult person her had eer worked with

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 10:00:56

she doesn't drink anything except water as she frequently reminds us..I used to quite like until she became a celebrity and then she became odd and full of herself

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 10:01:31

hmm shed be fun on a night out
bet she d itemise the bill at a curry house

moozoboozo Thu 14-Jul-05 10:04:13

I find her lips scary to be perfectly honest. And the way she flirts with her male co host, whomever that may be.

She's not as annoying as Fiona "I got this job coz I was shagging the producer" Phillips though

northerner Thu 14-Jul-05 10:06:05

Now I like fiona.

Wonder how NP looks first thing in the morning.

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 10:07:05

fine for peole to only drink water but if a guest on the sofa says something like well it'll be a champagne celebration then, she always has to say well i'll be sticking to water or something similar and they are all really annoying about how they have to get up and stay up and go to bed earlier than anyone else...

moozoboozo Thu 14-Jul-05 10:07:07

Haggard I expect

QueenOfQuotes Thu 14-Jul-05 10:07:54

Well I like her

oliveoil Thu 14-Jul-05 10:08:46

she adores herself Ms Kaplinski, can't stand her. Looks the type to flirt with your hubby whilst you were stood there.

northerner Thu 14-Jul-05 10:08:55

She is a mans woman, not a womans woman IYKWIM.

Terrible dress sense.

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 10:09:04

I like the modest girl on Midlands Today with Nick Owen, I hope she doesn't go the same way...

moozoboozo Thu 14-Jul-05 10:09:43

[handbag emoticon]

fastasleep Thu 14-Jul-05 10:10:37

I agree with the pineapple head - and what's with her clooothes?!

Why do men fancy her? WHY?

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 10:10:46

I hope she doesn't read this!!!!!

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 10:11:19

I'm starting to feel like Les Dawson in drag here...chatting away

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