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Do Allen Carr books really work?

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rickman Wed 13-Jul-05 18:56:28

Message withdrawn

babyonboard Wed 13-Jul-05 19:15:20

i don't know..i read easy way to stop smoking last to the part where he says 'if you still don't feel ready to quit put this book down and come back in a couple of months'..
but i never did..
until i got pregnant, which made me stop right away.. he maybe that could be your solution?
i am trying to get dp to read it now as i want him to stop before baby is born, but he says theeres far better books to spend his time reading..hmph
lots of friends have read it and quit, but i think you need the willpower, and initial inclination..nothing will work miracles!

monkeytrousers Wed 13-Jul-05 20:23:04

Worked for my dp.

desperatehousewife Wed 13-Jul-05 20:24:31

not for me, but the course in Raynes Park did. 6 years ago and not a fag since. Most amazing thing that's ever happened to me.

4 hours and £130 very well spent.

spidermama Wed 13-Jul-05 20:27:09

His book REALLY worked for me. I stopped smoking on my 30th birthday after 16 years of the habit. Highly recommended.

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 20:27:21

ive got a tatty copy of the smoking one of you want it

rickman Wed 13-Jul-05 22:24:34

Message withdrawn

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:25:33

i have your addy written on a bit of paper smaller than a matchbox...occasionally it appears, never when I need it though, and never at the same time as my address book LOL

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:27:20

right i will give the book a dusting, it is tatty BTW very well read, also go to
Its all the resons for stopping smoking. I am free for 7 months now...its marvelous.

rickman Wed 13-Jul-05 22:31:48

Message withdrawn

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:33:37

Really, well then get your finger oot and quit again...6 bloody years...

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:33:48

My hero

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:37:04

Well you do know then, having given up for 6 years that they didnt solve all your problems in the ghasty stench of smoke and they do you NO FAVOURS what so ever...ill get that book sent off xx

peckarollover Wed 13-Jul-05 22:38:15

Im giving up on Monday EEEEK

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:39:24

please join us on the no smoking threads pecka!

peckarollover Wed 13-Jul-05 22:41:32

I want to stop but im not a million percent THERE iykwim. Im doing it largely as DP asked that I would stop once we are married (we get married on Saturday!) My sister is doing it with me which is good as we are bad influence on each other. I just cant imagine not being a smoker.

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 22:46:44 go read now!

serah Wed 13-Jul-05 23:03:45

Allen Carr worked for me with quitting smoking. Can't recommend him enough. I tried EVERYTHING else and in desperation I eventually bought his book. Yay!

beetroot Wed 13-Jul-05 23:09:35

Message withdrawn

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