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How do you fit things in round the work/school run?

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charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 17:34:09

Im out at 8.20 and get back between 4.10 and 5.30, seem to falling into a dinner bath bed routine that I swore I wouldnt. Sometimes find time to bake some cakes with the kids but just seems to be always catching up/cleaning up after meals

charliecat Wed 13-Jul-05 18:12:37

just me then!

Debbiethemum Wed 13-Jul-05 18:34:05

No, it's me to. However I don't know the answer.
It doesn't help that ds(4) is ready to zonk by then & dd(15m) is fractious. I just try to have 5-10 mins play before I start on dinner. Also will try and chat about their day while they are eating. We also use bath paint or crayons during bathtime - guilt means they have plenty of these.

Hoping other have some better suggestions

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