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midlife crisis is it fact or fiction?

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overdraft Wed 13-Jul-05 10:12:32

really want to know your veiws please

Cristina7 Wed 13-Jul-05 10:15:39

I had a long think a few years back and wanted to change careers and become a Maths teacher. I didn't have the courage to go for it, though. DS (who is 5 years younger) has just changed careers after 2 years of re-training. From programmer in the City to plumber. He's still doing 2 days a week in the City for a few months so I can take a year out for maternity leave. Another friend changed from IT to osteopathy.

overdraft Wed 13-Jul-05 16:17:43


overdraft Thu 14-Jul-05 08:12:17

no one else been yhrough it then

dramaqueen72 Thu 14-Jul-05 08:27:33

i can think of several men who've gone abit strange upon hitting 40. but then, men are different. but yes I think midlife crisis is real, a kind of 'omg, is this all there is?' feeling which crashes into you around 30-45yrs.
my dh has hopefully gone thro his early, at 30.

lemonice Thu 14-Jul-05 08:37:48

Fact probably

triceratops Thu 14-Jul-05 08:43:30

My cousin left his wife and kids for six months for a blonde 25 year old and bought a sports car. Then he came back with his tail between his legs saying that it had all been a huge mistake.

starshaker Thu 14-Jul-05 08:48:32

thought that said midwife crisis lol

WideWebWitch Thu 14-Jul-05 08:50:20

I feel sure it's fact. For me, getting closer to 40, which feels like half way (and may be more than half way, none of us know for sure do we?) has made me think deeply about what I want but I think I had my mid life crisis in my thirties when I dyed my hair blonde, lost 2 stone, left my husband, moved to the countryside and took up with a man 10 years younger than me. But a lot of those decisions were the right ones including the ones about the men. I think I was more insecure then than I am now but I think that was a mid life crisis of sorts. I'll be interested to see what the view is on this. A friend's husband has just bought himself a motorbike (wtf for?) and anothers goes away a LOT on lads weekends, again, wtf? in your late thirties to be contantly trying to do what you did in your twenties strikes me as a bit sad.

expatkat Thu 14-Jul-05 09:12:14

Had a discussion with a psychiatrist friend about this. He says it's more common in men, but definitely does happen to women, sometimes as early as early 30s.

monkeytrousers Thu 14-Jul-05 09:12:15

Why Overdraft? You in the grip of one?

overdraft Thu 14-Jul-05 13:57:13

think dh may be having one and wanted to know what it is like.I am 36 and since my birthday have been feeling a bit bloody hell i am nearly middle aged.Although he has handled his differently

Cam Thu 14-Jul-05 14:01:26

I think men have them at 30, 40, 50 and probably 60 for all I know.

For women I feel that 40 is the biggest marker as it usually marks the beginning of the end of the child bearing years.

Although I'll let you know when I hit 50 next year

Cristina7 Thu 14-Jul-05 22:50:22

The men I talked about in the post below went through their mid-life crisis - if that's what it was - when they were 30.

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