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How to respond??? (Bit of a rant really)

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emkana Tue 12-Jul-05 20:31:11

I'm in a group of friends where we all meet up regularly. We all live in similar circumstances - SAHM's mainly, similar financial background...
apart from one of us: Her husband has recently become a company director, they have a very big house, they just bought a sports car to drive along the family car... they're doing well, which is great and I'm happy for them. But she keeps making remarks to make sure we realize how well they're doing (like "Who would have thought I'd be married to a company director one day!") and I'm not sure how she expects us to respond to those kind of remarks? Normally I just don't say anything... but it's getting on my nerves, frankly.
Sorry, I'm probably a miserable old cow, and also, I admit it, a bit .

Tommy Tue 12-Jul-05 20:32:49

can you say something like "Who indeed?" and change the subject?!

morningpaper Tue 12-Jul-05 20:34:11

"Who would have thought I'd be married to a company director one day!"


Does anyone SAY things like that? I would just say "Aw never mind hun, maybe your daughter will have HER own career instead."

But I'm a little caustic.

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