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Why do paddling pools turn green and how do you stop them doing so ...

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Twiglett Tue 12-Jul-05 17:55:01

that's it really

makealist Tue 12-Jul-05 17:56:40

Change the water

The water turns green cause there is algae growing in it

Nbg Tue 12-Jul-05 18:03:03

We let the water out everytime dd uses it and put it in the shed (still blown up)

jenkel Tue 12-Jul-05 18:30:43

As crazy as it sounds, bleach (which is what chlorine is). We have a very large inflatable pool which we fill once a year and my dh adds bleach to it to stop it turning green, I have no idea how much you add and would not advise you doing this without further advce. We were told to do this by a pool company.

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