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Going to the footie

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Tom Wed 18-Jun-03 20:29:16

My boy is 3 now, and a hell of a livewire - typical little 3 year old boy - all over the place. ANYWAYS... I'm a season ticket holder at Southampton, and really want to take him to a match sometime - being taken to the Dell by my dad is one of my most precious memories from my childhood (I think it is for alot of blokes), and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts or experience on what is a good age to take a lad to his first game?

SamboM Wed 18-Jun-03 20:41:15

Tom, I go to Arsenal nearly every home game (or did until a few months ago when small person interrupted life!) and there are loads of sproglets who look to be aged 2 or 3. Do they have a special family enclosure at St Mary's? At Highbury there is a "Junior Gunners" section which is full kids with their parents, that's where I'm planning to take my dd if she's into it (she'd better be!!)

SoupDragon Wed 18-Jun-03 20:42:24

When will he be able to concentrate for the full game and not be intimidated by the noise and all the people? Try out a few games on TV first!

whellid Wed 18-Jun-03 20:43:46

Hey, it's not only blokes who have it as one of their best memories! I was taken to my first match when I was 6, and I've been hooked ever since.
I think that when they have the interest to be able to sit (!) through 90 minutes it's fine. There would be nothing worse than taking a restless child, who wanted to go and wander around 20 minutes into the game, just as a crucial free kick was being taken.
We've had this discussion in our house, but agreed that under 2 was too young!

prufrock Wed 18-Jun-03 21:06:36

I think 3 is fine if there is a proper family area, but would advise against taking him to Southampton if you want him to develop an enjoyment of good football.

SamboM Wed 18-Jun-03 21:10:51

well Prufrock

Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky

(but not to Southampton maybe??)

Tom Wed 18-Jun-03 21:14:38

I thought you gooners would all have appreciated the way we tore apart Spurs in January - if that wasn't delightful enjoyable footy, I don't know what is!

My season ticket is in the noisy end of St Marys (Northam end - next to the away fans for those of you who know it) - I might be able to swap my ST one week for a couple of seats in the "Team Saints" end, which is for families.

I think it's something I'd like to do this season.

The boy has a Saints shirt signed by Matt Le Tissier - with his name and age on the back - I think it'd blow his mind just seeing so many people with the same shirt as him

SamboM Wed 18-Jun-03 21:17:00

Tom if he can look at Le Tiss without upchucking he can put up with anything I'd say!!

I must say I think you scummers are magnificent at the mo. I grew up in 'Ampshire and was a bit of a follower until I saw the light...

SamboM Wed 18-Jun-03 21:29:57

Tom, you live in Cardiff and have a Soton season ticket? You must have a helicopter!

Tom Wed 18-Jun-03 21:32:26

Every other game I drive down, with my boy in the car, drop him off with my mum and dad (who get to spend the afternoon with him) and then pick him up after the game. The wife thus gets the whole day off...
Every other game... I get a lift down with another Cardiff based ST holder and the wife gets the boy - giving me a day off
Work - childcare - footie - childcare - it's all thought through!!

Twink Wed 18-Jun-03 22:14:40

Dd doesn't know yet but she is going to her first game in October at just 4, unfortunately she is not going to see her hero as he will be doing his crash course in Spanish .. Still her shirt will still fit her and it's got her name on not Mr Beckham's..

Tinker will probably report me to the NSPCC

Tinker Wed 18-Jun-03 23:29:25

Twink - I told my daughter today that it's OK to like Mr Beckham now. Even went to your ground the other week - for Champions League final, so doesn't count, not been sullied.

Twink Thu 19-Jun-03 07:15:48

LOL Tinker. I must admit many years ago, I went and stood (shows how long ago it must have been) in the Kop to watch your team play Arsenal BUT wore my United badge under my sweatshirt...

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