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Help! stain removal advice needed!

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clary Tue 12-Jul-05 13:59:08

anyone got any great ideas on how to get rid of what I suspect is raspberry (or maybe strawberry) stains on a t-shirt?
I wouldn’t worry but it’s one of my faves, as worn by ds1 and dd and now ds2 (the cast-off king, bless him).
Stupidly I washed it and now the stain seems to be set. Anyone got any wonder products? It’s pale blue with a sheep on it so not sure if I can bleach it.....

tiffini Tue 12-Jul-05 14:02:08

Have you tried the oxi stuff from vanish?

I dont think it will be strawberry, my DDs are always eating them and get plastered, but it always comes out in a 40 c wash.

clary Wed 13-Jul-05 08:07:09

tiffini, thanks for that, yes, have tried oxi-action and it seemed to make no difference.
Bumping for any other ideas???

bootsmonkey Wed 13-Jul-05 09:00:58

Stain Devils?? THey do one specifically for fruit juices. I used one for grease spots that vanish etc., wouldn't budge and it came up as new, even after having washed it many times.

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