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ebay rip off???

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alicemama Tue 12-Jul-05 09:44:05

Hi need some help as I've been ripped off by an e-bayer.

I recently won an auction for a pram off ebay and paid over £300. The seller kept in contact through e-mail and said it would take approx 3 weeks to get it delivered as it was still on order at their end. I still had no major concerns as I had plenty of contact. However a month has now passed and all communication has stopped and I've sent repeated e-mails and complained to e-bay but of course 30days has passed and I can't get my money back off paypal!

Is there anything else I can do????

Jimjams Tue 12-Jul-05 09:51:15

What's their feedback like?

franke Tue 12-Jul-05 10:00:37

Have you requested their contact details - ie 'phone number from ebay?

alicemama Tue 12-Jul-05 10:00:39

Their feedback was 100% so had no concerns about bidding

vickiyumyum Tue 12-Jul-05 10:01:22

di you have an address, your paypal receipt normally has the sellers address on.

i would be tempted to send them an official sounding letter about returning money or delivering goods!

NotQuiteCockney Tue 12-Jul-05 10:02:39

It's worth noticing their feedback percentage, but also how many people have provided feedback. I also check if their feedback is all as a buyer, or whether they've sold things before. (I know this isn't much use to you - I'd follow up more with ebay.)

It's interesting to know you can't get your money back from paypal after 30 days ...

dizzymama Tue 12-Jul-05 10:04:09

Isn't there a button on the bottom of the left hand menu that says something like 'dispute'? Not sure what this does but may be something to look at. I'd contact ebay again and let them know nothing has happened, I have an ebay genius friend coming over shortly so will ask for her opinion and let you know. It may unfortunately take some time for you to get your money back though.

Jimjams Tue 12-Jul-05 10:10:16

Are they UK based? Have you got a link? I recently bought a pushchair off ebay from a seller with 100%

Scatterbrain Tue 12-Jul-05 10:34:38

Hiya, I wouldn't give up quite yet - it's only a week later than they told you and the pram may still be on it's way to you. Lack of contact could be due to anything - maybe they have gone on holiday or are having problems with their PC.

I have found that most e-bayers are genuine and aren't out to rip you off - by all means contact e-bay disputes, but don't give up all hope yet.

dizzymama Tue 12-Jul-05 18:55:32

I know you probably have this sorted out now am but I said I'd let you know and would feel bad if I didn't! Friend says that you are best to request home details of the seller and phone or write to them re the pram, state that you require a reply within x amount of time and if this request is not met then contact ebay again.

juicychops Tue 12-Jul-05 19:47:05

My friend bought an expensive pair of trainers off a supplier on ebay once. She paid by cheque (about £60) and was told they would arrive in 3 weeks. " months later and a million emails later they still hadnt turned up. She put it down to experience and forgot about them and then about 2 1/2 months after the she sent the cheque off they arrived out of the blue!

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