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playstation shrek game

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octavia Mon 11-Jul-05 21:40:05

Can anyone one help my ds with this bloomin game ! For the last few days he's been trying to do the level where the gingerbread man is in "hero time" and has to contend with some killer tomatoes. Can anyone tell us what we have to do to the tomatoes , as the poor little gingerbread man keeps getting squashed and you have to start all over again

Milliways Mon 11-Jul-05 22:03:53

Try this:

All right, it's time for my favorite part of the game…Hero Time! This Hero
Time is for one of my favorite characters…Gingerbread Man!

This Hero Time is said to be extremely easy, but I think that it is very
underrated. Ok, let's get down to business.

Fist, you wait until a tomato starts to roll down the hill. When it does, go
left. As soon as it gets down the hill, run up the ally. Go into the
waiting…place to the left. As soon as the next tomato is just below you, run
up, and go into the waiting place to the right. When the next tomato starts to
roll down, you must go up into a new area.

Here, go to the right area, and jump onto the white daisy. From this daisy,
jump to the left onto a bigger daisy consisting of a bunch of coins. From here,
jump out into the gap of daisies. The tomatoes won't get you, so keep jumping
START ALL OVER AGAIN.!! When you have jumped enough, jump to the daisy that is
close to the platform you were just on. On this daisy, there are a bunch of

Ok. From this daisy, jump onto the daisy in front of you. From here, you have
to jump to the one just to the left of the tomato hill. When two tomatoes go
past you, and go into the pit, jump onto tomato ally. Here, as fast as you can
run into the waiting place. In here, there are lots of coins. Get them all, and
then when the next two tomatoes pass, run in a northwest direction to the next
waiting place.

As soon as the next two tomatoes pass, run up the hill into a new area. In
here, a bunch of pumpkins will attack you. Kill all of them with relative ease.

Here, you have to move up a bit, and then jump into the gap onto the yellow
daisy to the right. From here, jump back onto the tall white daisy, and get the
crap load of coins. From here, jump back onto the yellow daisy that you were
just on. From here, you have to wait until the third tomato is about to drop,
and make a leap of faith onto the tomato hill.

On here, run as fast as you can into the waiting area to the right. Instead of
just entering like the previous two, you have to jump over the small wood piece
to get in. From here, wait until the next three tomatoes go past you, and run
straight up. Take a left into the next waiting place before the three tomatoes
fall down the hill. When the next three do, run up the hill into a new area.

Here, watch out for all the tomatoes passing. Use caution crossing. (It is like
a road with heavy traffic.) From here, run up the next hill, but this one has
no tomatoes. Run up onto a new platform, and fetch the pail of water, and
(congrats) you have just beaten hero time, and you get another checkpoint!

Milliways Mon 11-Jul-05 22:06:03

or this?

octavia Mon 11-Jul-05 22:17:45

Thank you so much , you are a life saver !!

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