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You know you are a mum when.......

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lou33 Tue 17-Jun-03 21:25:32

You find yourself double knotting your thongs that tie up at the side.

codswallop Tue 17-Jun-03 21:26:41

thongs at the side?

SoupDragon Tue 17-Jun-03 21:29:04

I'm assuming you're not talking underwer here...?

codswallop Tue 17-Jun-03 21:29:58

think I am too old and ppost natal for this thread..

whymummy Tue 17-Jun-03 21:30:36

when your shoulder stinks of baby sick

codswallop Tue 17-Jun-03 21:31:11

you boobs leak when Interviewing staff for ds1 s school

lou33 Tue 17-Jun-03 21:31:31

Yeh the ones that have pretty ribbons that tie up in lovely bows on each side. Always hope for dh to rip them undone with his teeth but it never happens...sighs... oops or maybe noone else wears them?

SoupDragon Tue 17-Jun-03 21:32:09


codswallop Tue 17-Jun-03 21:32:57

I am new convert to those trunky shortes style pants. Thay are great.

SoupDragon Tue 17-Jun-03 21:35:14

You know you're a mum when you enthuse about Big Pants!

Tissy Tue 17-Jun-03 21:37:34

You know you're a Mum when you don't care that the big pants are inside out *and* back to front. They're clean aren't they?

codswallop Tue 17-Jun-03 21:40:56

and NOT ironed

lou33 Tue 17-Jun-03 21:41:51

Cods, I tried a pair of those and looked like a shotputter.

Gilli Tue 17-Jun-03 22:33:21

....when the first thing you look at on new clothes is the wash label....

runragged Tue 17-Jun-03 22:37:17

Im sorry - you iron your pants?! How did you ever have time!

sobernow Tue 17-Jun-03 23:49:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZsaZsa Tue 17-Jun-03 23:52:10

you iz triple knottin' wiv ballet dancer 'an teddy beads...

Holly02 Wed 18-Jun-03 00:02:55

You find yourself sitting there watching Maisy/Thomas the Tank Engine/Sesame Street etc etc, long after ds has wandered off to do something else.

(And you know all the characters' names from all the kids' shows, plus all the words to the theme songs.)

sibble Wed 18-Jun-03 00:38:51

you cut your hair above shoulder level to stop baby throwing up in it and you never know what day it is, what you were going to do or even your name.

eidsvold Wed 18-Jun-03 06:36:23

I agree with the smell one - your shoulder smells of baby dribble/milk posset.

You look out at your clothes line and see little clothes on it and nappies blowing in the wind.

whymummy Wed 18-Jun-03 08:02:03

when your house looks like toysRus after a tornado

ninja Wed 18-Jun-03 10:09:42

when your clothes smell of fermenting milk - you've been peed on and you don't bother changing.

when you don't have any capital letters in your typing!

Bron Wed 18-Jun-03 10:18:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Wed 18-Jun-03 11:46:15

You actually start paying attention to K Shoes and thinking, hmmm, they look comfy and practical.

ninja Wed 18-Jun-03 11:50:15

you're still at the computer over 2 hours later cos dd is still asleep in arms - oh dear!

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