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as a new mother

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compo Mon 11-Jul-05 14:54:17

what was the best present you received?

dizzydo Mon 11-Jul-05 15:02:00

A Wilkinet baby sling from my lovely MIL who was aware of how upset I was about my DD1 who never stopped crying and wouldnt let me get on with anything else. Sadly, it didn't really work but I was so touched by her thoughtfulness.

Listmaker Mon 11-Jul-05 15:07:33

My dd was given upteen teddies etc so when I saw another pink teddy I wasn't overly chuffed but 7 years later she LOVES that thing and sleeps with it every night so that must be one of the things from when she was a baby that has lasted!

But the baby record books were good as well - something to keep forever and the ones I used (did get a few!) held lots of details and room for photos etc and my dds love reading them.

TrophyWife Mon 11-Jul-05 15:24:31

my dh broung me a digital camera
and my FIL gave us a recorded number £5 note and coin with the presentation box.

BeachedWhale Mon 11-Jul-05 15:32:00

Was ill and stuck in hospital in a ward full of very old ladies for nearly a month after the DT's were born. DH bought me a little radio and headphones. It kept me in touch with the outside world and drowned out the patients groaning and snoring in the beds all around me. A friend smuggled miniature bottles of gin and tonics into my bedside locker but felt too ill to drink them.

fishfinger Mon 11-Jul-05 15:34:49


koalabear Mon 11-Jul-05 16:00:06

conversation without advice - was a pleasure not to be told what to do (for once)

beansontoast Mon 11-Jul-05 16:05:03

my MIL !!!!
she came,she cooked [filled my freezer with soup and rolls]she wept with joy then left.

Nbg Mon 11-Jul-05 16:12:05

My MIL turned up at the hospital with a huge chocolate cake covered in cadburys flakes. This was very well received as the food was utter rubbish.

My mum brought me a load of new facial stuff like cleansers, toners, moisturiser etc. She then helped me in to a shower and I pampered myself with all my new smellys while dd was getting passed round everyone!

Also the baby record book and a keepsake box. They're both full already!

babyonboard Mon 11-Jul-05 16:13:23

i gave my sister a bag full of m & s ready meals, a really posh leather photo album to record special baby pics in, and a pampering gift bag from boots, she was delighted!

nightowl Tue 12-Jul-05 03:15:31

all my friends and family visiting me at the hospital because they knew her father wouldnt be there.

bobbybob Tue 12-Jul-05 03:24:25

A huge chocolate eclair every day I was in hospital from my mum.

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