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Using terror as an excuse for not doing something....

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sharklet Mon 11-Jul-05 12:29:36

I am so angry I can't believe it!

I have been having a massive dispute with work over them messing up my maternity pay and a lot of other things and overpaying me. Basically they overpaid me, then becasue I coudlnt pay it back in one go they refferred it straight to a debt collection agency, who wrote to me old address (from 8 months before) and becasue I didn't reply reffered it to county court. Bearing in mind I still work for these people, and they have my proper address. Long story, they have made tons of mistakes and its all under investigation.

Anyway one of the senior managers was supposed to get back to me with a conclusion two weeks ago. I emailed them today to ask what the situation was and I got an email back apologising for the delay and telling me it was becasue of the London Bombings last week!

They were meantt o get back to me two weeks ago - not 3 days ago! I can't believe someone could use those peoples deaths as an excuse for not doing thier job. I am so angry I don;t know what to do!

Sorry rant over

Emma xxx

Gobbledigook Mon 11-Jul-05 12:34:51

That is disgusting.

Hausfrau Mon 11-Jul-05 12:35:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau Mon 11-Jul-05 12:38:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

champs Mon 11-Jul-05 13:27:09

Hausfrau has an excellent suggestion <<hi hausfrau , how's the scrapbooking going?>>
make them know that you know they are being disgusting. how dare they!! think you should also send copy of email to whoever is investigating all this.

Hausfrau Mon 11-Jul-05 13:30:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sharklet Mon 11-Jul-05 13:45:11

I have sent a very considered email to him saying basically shame on him for using peoples deaths as an excuse for him not having done something weeks ago. I told him he should go and say a prayer for those who were killed or inujured and think carefully before using it as an excuse again!

Bit worried as he is my boss's boss, but it needed saying!

Emma x

tiffini Mon 11-Jul-05 14:11:28

Well done, it did need doing, if he has any conscionce (sp?) at all he will be hanging his head in shame.

What a lousy excuse.

champs Mon 11-Jul-05 15:26:58

well done you!

Hausfrau Mon 11-Jul-05 15:36:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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