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Oh bugger, Power of Mumsnet help me out here please??!

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SleepyJess Mon 11-Jul-05 12:25:45

Hi its SleepyJess... am online in library and session time up in 2 mins!!! Computer still knackered.. PLEASE would someone mind finding my Race for Life thread and bumping it for me every so often as the Race is on Sunday and I obv. want to get any sponsors I can before then altho you have all been unbeleivably generous already I know

Ahhhh I am about to be timed out..

Miss you all (

SJ x

SoupDragon Mon 11-Jul-05 12:27:17

found and bumped

SleepyJess Mon 11-Jul-05 12:28:16

Eeek thanks Soupy... I have 50 secs... I wanted to put a link on here.... it's THIS WEEKEND guys...
thanks SO mUCH!!!!

WigWamBam Mon 11-Jul-05 12:29:08

I bumped as well ... you beat me to it

SoupDragon Mon 11-Jul-05 12:30:06


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