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Tots Bots fleecy wraps

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Oakmaiden Mon 16-Jun-03 19:48:59

Has anyone tried the Tots Bots Redrap on top of a folded pinned terry nappy? Does it fit OK? Cos they look so cute and cuddly, I just want to get one!

morocco Tue 17-Jun-03 00:34:29

They're pretty roomy - I usually use tots bots nappies but when we run out I get out the terries and they fit fine - in fact they're the only wrap I've got that covers them.

Bobsmum Tue 17-Jun-03 10:02:32

I've got 2 redraps but i only have totsbots nappies. mind you they're supposed to be 5 layers of terry stitched together so i would say you should have no problems. The redraps are fantastic - especially in hot weather - keeps ds lovely and cool. v roomy and breathable (and gorgeous!)

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