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ebay question-item not recieved. help!

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merglemergle Sun 10-Jul-05 19:54:44

I bought a teletubbies video off ebay about a week ago.

When the video finally arrived, it was the wrong one. (tweenies, not teletubbies)

Have been chasing up the seller for several days. They have now emailed to request I return the video. I quote: "Sorry about the mix up can you please send it back to me".

I have a 5 day old baby, am NOT happy about shlepping down to the post office, there is NO mention of any form of postage refund let alone compensation-what do I do? Suggestions!


SoupDragon Sun 10-Jul-05 19:59:18

Mistakes do happen - I'd give them the benefit of the doubt but ask them to send a SAE for the video's return - you can fit it in a postbox then.

Janh Sun 10-Jul-05 20:00:47

Suggest they send you the correct video, along with and address label and enough stamps to send the wrong one back. Then you can just stick it in the nearest postbox.

If they won't then leave negative feedback.

gigglinggoblin Sun 10-Jul-05 20:02:41

tell them you are happy to return it as soon as you receive refund (including postage you paid them and amount for sending it back) and if they say they will refund you after they get it remind them that payment is sent first and you are not the one who has the history of messing up.

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